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   Chapter 33 NO.33

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I SUCKED IN air as Triven pressed the cold compress to my neck. We were still in the training room.

"Sorry." He murmured. His thumb traced gingerly over the bruises. "These are going to look worse tomorrow."

"I know. Thank you... for coming after me tonight. You didn't have to step in like that. I could have handled him." I didn't quite meet his eyes. It was apparent to both of us I sucked at saying thank you.

"I know you could have." He was stroking my ego. We both knew I couldn't have taken Maddox. A few more seconds and I would have been unconscious. "I also know that you despise him and that tends to affect your judgment."

"It's not just that I despise him, it's that I don't trust him."

"He doesn't really give me the warm and fuzzies either, but he is a product of the world he was born into. Maddox wasn't raised like us. He never chose to be part of a Tribe. It was forced on him."

I thought of my own upbringing. I was born a child of The Sanctuary, but Tartarus raised me. And I was still a better person than he was. "I believe it's our choices that make us who we are and his certainly define him."

Triven was quiet for a while as he slowly nodded his head. "You're right. We may be handed a certain deck of cards but it is our choice how to play them. Maddox struggles with his inner demons every day, but remember, he chose to leave his Tribe and join us. His sins may be different from yours and mine, but we all sin."

He was right.

"Come on. We can still get a little sleep before tomorrow." Triven dropped his hands from my neck and I followed him back to our room, feeling ashamed.

I never thought I would miss the wretched stench of Tartarus, but as the tainted air blew across my face I realized I did. It felt like so long since I felt outside air on my face, or saw the hazy night sky. Triven shifted next to me. His ever-watchful eyes were, like mine, trained on the streets below us

ross the warehouse roof. We watched as they maneuvered over the beam balanced between the buildings. Once all ten feet were on solid ground we were in motion.

The team was scattered across the rooftops. Arden and Maddox were three roofs behind us, and closing in. Half of the team was already a block ahead of us and we had to gain some ground if we wanted to meet at the rendezvous point at the same time. Unlike some of The Subversive members, my feet were sure on the tarred surfaces. As we sprinted over the skyline, I could see them falling behind from the corner of my eye. Surprisingly, only Triven held his ground with me, his broad chest never far from my left shoulder. When I leapt from ledge to ledge his feet were nearly in sync with mine. A smile crept to my lips. It had been so long since I had moved like this, running at full tilt above the city. Triven's breathing next to me only heightened my ecstasy.

Ahead of us I could see the armored bodies disappear down the fire escape. Eager to beat Triven, I pushed my muscles harder. I could feel him pushing harder too. My smile widened, then abruptly fell. We were less than twenty feet from the ladder when the gunfire rang out from below.


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