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I HAD BECOME less of a peculiarity around The Subversive now. I walked the halls alone, unguarded, and no one stopped me. Oddly enough, some people even nodded or smiled as I passed. I was not entirely sure when it happened, but gradually people stared at me less, their wary eyes growing bored.

Well, most of them.

Arstid still watched me like a hawk. Her penetrating eyes constantly flickered from mine to Mouse, reminding me that my actions no longer affected only myself. As if to say, "Screw up and she will pay the price."

Arstid had me on a short leash and she knew it.

Triven and I had fallen into a rhythm. We worked side by side every day, trained most nights together and met with the guard when called for. I had even become accustomed to sharing a room with him and had begun to find his ever-wakeful presence reassuring. When I awoke like a frightened child every morning, the light from his reading lamp soothed me. His warm eyes would meet mine and he would hand me something to read, something to distract my mind from the nightmares.

We never talked about it again after that first night.

Mouse was making friends and while she still slept beneath my bed, her whimpering had dissipated. While I was still unsure of what I was doing here, I could see a future for her.

Tonight, Triven's light snores let me know he was actually sleeping for a change. It was a steady reminder of what I should be doing as well, but my mind refused to turn off.

We were leaving tomorrow night for the reconnaissance mission of the Ravagers' weapons warehouse and my mind refused to forget that. I knew that I needed the rest, that I must be on point, but the voices in my head wouldn't stop nagging. This would be the first time I had been outside the bunker since my capture. And it could be the only opportunity I got, the only chance I would have to run.

But did I want to run?

My head throbbed. Less than a month ago I wanted nothing more than to be free of these people and now... What? I wanted to stay?


But I didn't really want to leave either. When did this get so complicated?

Careful not to wake Mouse or Triven, I slipped into the hall. I needed time away from them. Away from their familiar breathing and comforting sounds.

My feet carried me to the training room before I realized that's where I wanted to go. The halls were empty. I passed not a soul along the way.

When I entered the room it was dimly lit. Only half of the lights were on to conserve energy. A pool of light focused on the sparring mat. It should have frightened me— it would have frightened a normal person— but to me the darkness was inviting. A place to hide.

Removing my tattered long-sleeved shirt, I entered the ring and began to stretch. It was freeing that there were no cameras here, no way to keep tabs on me. I wasn't sure the limited power running in the barracks could even support such a thing. I reveled in the fact that I was alone. No eyes to watch me, no guards to hide my talents from. My body was tight from work and lack of proper use. A groan rattled in my throat as I stretched my tired legs.

Closing my eyes, I let my body fall into its natural rhythm. Letting the energy flow with my movements. I knew th

d as his chest heaved beneath my nose.

"Good for you, so you're not a spy, that still proves nothing. I'm not even sure you actually left on your own. Maybe they kicked you out or maybe the relentless rejections from the women in your own Tribe weren't enough. You had to hear it from all of the others too."

His massive hands flashed out, the long fingers closing easily around my neck. He lifted until I could barely touch the ground, my toes just scraping the black mat.

"I watched the Tribe leader slaughter my only brother to set an example for those who disagreed with him. They slit his throat and skinned him while he was still alive. The Taciturn's leader now wears a vest of my brother's pelt as a reminder to those who think of standing against him." He squeezed tighter causing my vision to swim with blackness.

A hand shot out between us.

Triven was grabbing Maddox's forearm with surprising force, but his voice remained calm.

"Put her down Maddox."

He held me for a moment longer before finally letting go. Reflexively I coughed as the air burned back into my lungs. Triven's hand left a fading white imprint on Maddox's arm. His grasp must have been painful, but Maddox showed no sign of feeling it.

Carefully, I stepped around Triven, squaring my shoulders as I clutched my bruised neck.

I knew I should have felt pity for Maddox, apologized for what I had said. For the first time since we met I actually deserved his outrage. But despite that, I could only manage to return his icy glare.

"That doesn't change anything, I won't pity you." I hissed.

"Good thing I don't believe in pity." His dark eyes glittered as he loomed closer. I could smell his rank breath. A warmth filled me as Triven's chest pressed against my back, his hand on my shoulder ready to pull me away. With an unexpected and erratic laugh Maddox turned away and strode from the room.

That man definitely had a few screws loose.


I'm going to write more training//fighting scenes in the upcoming chapters!!!

But there is sure a lot of action in the chapter(s) that i'm currently working on.


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