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   Chapter 31 NO.31

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AFTER LEARNING OF my knowledge, my presence was suddenly desired at every Subversive meeting. Triven and I were constantly relieved of our work duties, were called away from meals and still, I felt we were getting nowhere.

This meeting in particular, seemed to be lasting forever. The balls of my feet had begun to ache and tolerances had begun to wear thin. While half of the room wanted access to The Sanctuary, the other half sought to shut down Tartarus first.

"Take down the leaders and we take down the Tribes." The bald man— whose name I had learned was Willets— spoke as he rubbed his temple in irritation.

I shook my head, for what felt like the thousandth time. "That's the problem with leaders, someone is always waiting to take their place. If we open up that door, the next generation will not be outdone by their predecessors. They're hungrier and their ambitions will prove more dangerous than anything we have witnessed so far."

"She's right. Cutting off its limbs won't kill the city. The Tribes are just pawns, we have to go for the heart. We have to stop The Sanctuary." Arden shouted over the others.

"And we are just supposed to trust your words, that The Sanctuary is actually worse than the Tribes?" Maddox's words rung out over the crowd, "None of us have ever seen what's inside The Wall. How are we to trust you're not lying to us?"

As much as I hated him, his

arents to leave, but what? For years I had trusted so blindly that they had left for a good reason, but as I grew older that was becoming harder and harder to believe. I had seen too many horrible things here to imagine worse. When I was ten, I never questioned my parents' reasons or wondered what kind of people they were. To me, they were perfect—but look at the way Mouse looked at me now. Her innocent eyes saw nothing of the terrible, hardened person I knew I was inside. Her jaded perception, now made me question my own.

What if my parents weren't the saints I had made them out to be? What if Arstid's accusations were true and they had led all those people to slaughter?

I cursed myself for thinking it.

So was I escaping or avenging? Honestly, I wasn't sure. Maybe I just wanted to see it all burn.



BTW i loved writing the last sentence for some weird reason :D

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