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Updated: 2018-01-05 17:50

IT FELT LIKE days, weeks, months had passed and still I was trapped in this hell. But by some cruel joke of fate, I didn't die. The fifteenth time (I was counting) the lights came on, something was different. The harsh lights were softer this time. It took me a minute to comprehend there wasn't the usual searing heat burning my skin, then another to realize I was no longer alone. Balancing on the thin edge of delirium, I could see the outline of a man standing before me, but it was hard to make out his face through the tangles of my hair and thickly crusted eyelashes. He was nothing more than a dark shadowy figure looming above me. I didn't bother lifting my head to get a better look. Instead, I just closed my eyes.

The toe of his shoe slid under my shoulder and then with a shove flipped me onto my back. As my stringy hair fell away from my face, he muttered something that sounded like a curse. My eyelids fluttered, but I couldn't focus. Stepping away from me he addressed someone else. His words sounded strange mixed with the residual sounds of the music still pulsating in my ears. They said something about taking me somewhere... to see someone. But before the words could register, my body shut down, casting me into a grateful unconsciousness.

Something cold struck me in the face. It rolled over my skin, down my chest and into my lap. It should have been refreshing, but the chill of the water felt almost violent against my scorched skin, a million minuscule pins and needles stabbing my nerve endings. My head whipped back involuntarily before rolling forward again.

A groan slipped from my lips. My temples were throbbing.

I blinked a few times, trying to focus. Neither my body or mind felt under my control. Keep your head. I reminded myself. My name was Phoenix. I had made a sacrifice. The Sanctuary had captured me. I didn't want to die. As I stared at my soaked thighs, I tried to make an assessment of my fuzzy surroundings.

They had moved me.

The floor I could just see beyond my bare toes was grey now and I was sitting up—well, not so much "sitting up" as tied to a chair. While my instincts screamed at me to resist the restraints, I knew they were the only things holding me upright. As much as I wanted to be rid of them, I needed them for support. Without my bindings they would know how weak I was, but with them I stood a chance at feigning s

r weeks of jotting down eerie stuff in my brain; fight scenes, dystopia ideas, crazy world building, I finally did one less crazy thing. I Published it.

I still remember that totally out of the blue moment when commented on the first chapter saying it was really good. Standing in my room that day, I wasn't sure why she would say that. More updating resulted in more amazing comments by you guys, and you cheered me up more. Not a single comment exists in this story that I haven't read at least three times. To cut the sentimental rant, all i want to say is thank you for all your comments and votes which have inspired me so much to go forward. While writing the first chapter of The Rouges, I never could have imagined this would be a complete novel-length story. THANK YOU for letting Lyra, Triven, Mouse and all the Tartarus be our fun place and letting me do what I really like. When I see the Rouges being ranked to #91 among the best SciFi books of Wattpad, competing against the books which have thousands of reads and sometimes with the ones that have millions of reads, you do not know how much that makes me happy.

I have started writing a new story which is also Science Fiction/Dystopian adventure which i really hope you guys will check out once its out. I'll make sure you guys know when it is out.

And so we come to an end of this book and overly-sentimental rant( couldn't help myself). Thank you for making my Wattpad debut beautiful.

Stay safe from the Ravagers.

Till next time!


P.S: Sorry for the cliffhanger!!!!!!! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! :) :)

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