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   Chapter 29 NO.29

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------- FINAL CHAPTER -----

IT TOOK A moment, a heartbeat, to realize what had happened. As the guard's head whipped back and his slack body crumpled to the ground, time seemed to stand still. Then all at once it sped up, as if making up for the lost seconds. The second guard glanced at his dead comrade in shock, but his training quickly took over as he turned his firearm on Brant.

Gunfire echoed down the streets like sporadic thunder. I felt sickly vindicated having not wasted any brain cells remembering his name as Brant's body spasmed when the bullets pierced his flesh. Obviously our outdated armor was nothing compared to their weapons. None of us were safe now.

While he shot, the guard was screaming into his earpiece. He would not be alone for long. In the short instant that his gunfire ceased, his cold blue eyes turned instantly to us. In that instant there was understanding in his eyes and I knew we had made a mistake.

Every other civilian still on the streets had dropped to their knees at the sound of the first shot. Hoods were pushed back from their plain faces and their hands were locked behind their heads. They had been trained to show they were disarmed, to surrender immediately. Only four people still stood on the street and now the guard knew exactly who we were. His gun rose, the barrel pointed at my face, but the shot that rang out didn't come from him. Maddox had fired, hitting the guard's left shoulder. Without hesitation, we bolted for the nearest alley. As we dove into the shadows, I caught Maddox's green jump suit disappearing into another alleyway.

My instinct was to go higher, but the roofs here were sloped too steeply to maneuver. My eyes searched the ground, but the even pavement had no drains. There was nowhere to hide and the darkness was creeping in at an unusually rapid rate. The white linens we had donned to hide would soon make us easy targets. We shed our stolen clothing as we sprinted through alley. I pulled at Mouse, helping her out of disguise before removing my own. Once free of his garb, Triven grabbed Mouse, swinging her up into his arms as he ran. Our eyes met for a second and a horrible flash passed through my mind. I had lived this moment before, but through different eyes. The only difference was that I was no longer the one being carried. This time I was in my parents' shoes.

I pushed harder, running from my past. Running for their lives as well as our own.

The darkness had swallowed the city whole, almost as if by command. The thought flickered through my mind that maybe that's exactly what had happened. If they could make the sun so bright here, the usually tarnished skies so blue, then wasn't it just as possible that they could take that all away? The shields surrounding the city kept us out, but they were also keeping these people in, controlling their lives.

Even in our fear-driven panic, we ran with purpose. Every turn we took kept us on a path toward the northwest corner of the city. We just had to keep moving. The alleys here were cleaner than ours. The pavement was smooth and uncluttered with trash and rubble. The catch was if we could move faster, so could the people chasing us.

I turned a corner three steps ahead of Triven and collided with a wall of human flesh. The world spun as I was knocked to ground, but not before I could pull the knife from my boot.

ish out of water. The calloused fingers wrapped around mine squeezing so tightly it hurt. I squeezed back, letting him know I was here, that he wasn't alone. I squeezed until his grip loosened and the life left his black eyes. The man I hated with all my being, had just given his life for mine. I squeezed even after he let go, after there was nothing left but a body. Even when I finally had to turn my eyes away, I didn't let go of his hand.

The street flooded with spotlights, filling the once blackened night with light. I blinked. A thousand red dots swam around me as the guards put me in their sights. Raising my hands above my head, I held my open palms to oncoming soldiers and for the first time in my life I surrendered. Not to save myself, but to buy Triven and Mouse time.

I pressed my face into the grate beneath me. A perfect face stared back at me from the shadows, horror and pain evident in his eyes. I could see him clearly now in the artificial lights cast down on us. I could even see the cherubic face of the tiny girl clinging to his side.

He began to try and climb up, to push against the grate, but I shook my head. It took all of my effort to speak and not cry.

"Save her."

At first I didn't think he heard my words, but after a few excruciatingly long seconds he nodded. Tears marred his perfect eyes before they steeled.

"Survive Prea. I will come back for you. Don't you dare die on me." And then he was gone.

A different kind of pain tore through me as the rough hands found me. I realized as they pulled me away from the grate, that they were taking me away from the only two people I ever loved. I steeled myself with that realization.

For them I would find the strength, I would rise above my own fears.

I would survive this new world, and I would find a way back to them.



This is not the end! I'm not leaving you guys just yet. I've been debating about it but in the end....


Which is also kinda really big. There will be an author's note at the end of the book, where my emotions will run astray. Please do check that out too!! I hope you guys like it!!!!

P.S: I cannot express my gratitude to 1K READS!!!!! Still in disbelief!!!

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