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   Chapter 27 NO.27

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THE LARGE ROOM felt over-crowded with so many bodies in it. There were not as many gathered as the day of my trial, but there were still too many to feel comfortable. Bodies jostled each other to gain better vantage points around the round table. I was the only one they did not bump into, a wide berth continuously given to me.

I stood behind Triven, who was seated in a chair directly across from Arstid's icy eyes. Her face tightened every time she glanced our way.

It was easy to ascertain that those seated held higher rank. Theirs were the voices that were heard above others, their opinions weighed heavier. I recognized many of these faces as ones I had seen in the training room. The lean, one-armed Archer sat to the left of Arstid, her gaze nearly as cold. Arden was also seated at the table speaking in hushed tones to Veyron. To my disgust, Maddox was also seated at the table, the look in his black eyes hungry as they fell on me. I swallowed back the bile rising in my throat and ignored him.

Arstid's hand raised, signaling for silence. "Where are we on the reconnaissance front?"

Archer was the first to speak. "The city is restless. Tribe violence is escalating and the Ravagers are at the heart of it. They have managed to get their hands on more weapons and based on the caliber, they are not acquiring them on their own. Someone is helping them. We fear your suspicions were right and

dening. "If you truly know where the accesses are, you are required to tell us—"

"I am not required to tell you anything, " I cut her off. There was a collective intake of breath around the room. "But as a sign of good faith I will lead your teams to the access points they seek."

Arstid's taut mouth opened, but it was Triven who spoke first. "I motion to second that proposition."

Several people shouted "Aye" in response. It surprised me that Archer was one of them.


There are so many interesting things I want to write and can't wait for you guys to read them already!!!! Sorry this chapter is small so was the last one. I'm just trying to fit in certain events in certain chapters with proper cliffhangers!!!! :) :D

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