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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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THE MRE's TASTED horrible after eating home-cooked meals over the past weeks. A few months ago and this meal would have been a delicacy, but now it was hard to stomach. Mouse never left my side as we ate, her worried eyes darting continually to mine. Doc's serum worked magic on my body. What had once felt feverous and weak, now felt rejuvenated. Even the cut on my chin had scabbed over with surprising speed. It seemed like such a waste of talent, that a man like Doc Porters was residing in an underground culture with limited resources. If he had access to the machines and technology here, his potential would be endless. I wondered vaguely what would make a man of his talents leave a place like this, if his reason had been like my parents' or if they were his own. Either way, I would never know. My parents' reasons died with them and we would be lucky to see tomorrow, much less Doc again.

By the time I finished my meal— an old habit of never wasting anything, no matter how bad it tasted— I noticed Mouse had barely touched hers. More food had been pushed around than actually eaten. Upon meeting my gaze her eyes filled with tears again. She set aside her food and signed. I'm sorry. The pain was clear on her round face. Glancing up, I saw that Triven and the other two men were bent in conversation as they heated their

reak. The massive blonde guard fell to his knees before me, twisting to try and free himself. But I held fast.

My voice was perfectly even when I spoke. "We will be moving forward with the plan as instructed by Arstid with one amendment. We will acquire civilian uniforms and blend in. While topside we will gather as much information as we can, but our main objective now is to escape. Together. We are sitting ducks here and this little girl is our only hope of getting out. If you come anywhere near her, if you so much as look at her wrong, or even look like you're thinking about betraying us, I will put a bullet in your head. Or maybe rip you apart, limb by limb. No hesitation. Got it?"

I bent his finger back further emphasizing my point.

He screamed through his teeth. "Got it! I GOT IT!"

I set him free and began packing my bag. "We leave on the hour."


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