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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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THE RINGING IN my ears told me I was still alive, but my eyes struggled to open. The ground beneath me was shaking, the strange vibrations causing my arm to ache. I could hear voices talking quietly, someone saying my name.

"I think she's waking up."

"Great." Someone muttered not sounding altogether enthused.

"Lyra, can you hear me?"

I moaned in response. "What the hell happened?"

My jaw hurt.

There was a low laugh. "That a girl."

Lips brushed my forehead. The ground beneath me stopped shaking, but as my senses returned I realized my head wasn't resting on the ground. It was being cradled in a small lap. Two little hands were running methodically through my hair, trying to soothe me. When I finally got my eyes to open, Mouse was staring down at me. Tears stained her flushed cheeks. I reached up with my good hand to wipe them away.

"Hey, it's alright. I'm just fine." She nodded, more tears welling in her eyes.

With Triven's help I sat up, wincing as my arm moved.

"Where are we?" I glanced around at the tunnel we were crouched in. There was a walkway about the size of a city sidewalk and maybe fifteen pipes of various colors that ran along next to it. There were dim oval-shaped lights that flanked the wall. Unlike our green-hued ones, these set off a warm amber color. Maddox and the blonde sat twenty feet down from us, speaking in hushed tones.

"We're under the city." As if on cue, something rumbled past on the streets above us. We all jumped looking towards the curved ceilings. "We are going to have to hole up here for a little while. The sun will be coming up soon and the streets will be teeming with soldiers."

Triven ran his hand through his hair. I understood what he wasn't saying aloud. We were trapped in a city with no way out and we were being hunted. The only people who knew how to help us were most likely dead and our lives were being held in the hands of a scared little girl. In other wor

healing qualities are not quite as good as the regeneration serum, but it's still better than sutures."

"We should get moving." I tried to push myself up but Triven held me down.

"It's been a long night and we have an even longer one ahead of us. Mouse says we're safe here for now and I think it's best if we all eat and rehydrate. Besides, I think we need a new plan."

"They knew we were coming." I whispered to him, shooting a sideways glance in Maddox and Brant's—I might as well call him something—direction.

Triven followed my gaze.

"I know." He whispered before finding us something to eat.


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