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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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I COULDN'T SLEEP that night. The bed was too soft and my thoughts were too loud. Mouse's deep breathing told me she was sleeping soundly beneath me, but Triven was too quiet. His silence gave away his wakefulness, but he said nothing.

"You should have taken the bed." I whispered. A low chuckle responded.

"You shouldn't have underestimated me."

I stared up into the black nothingness above me listening to him breathe.

"Why am I here, Triven?"

He was silent so long I wondered if he had fallen asleep.

"You have a right to be here just as much as any of us."

That was not the answer I was looking for. "I mean why not let me die in the streets, why save me?"

"Does it really matter why you were saved?" He shifted in his cot.

"To me, it does. Nobody here helps anyone else without expecting something in return."

"But you didn't when you saved Mouse."

My chest tightened. "That's different."

"No it's not. There is still good in people. Sometimes it's hard to see past all of the pain and cruelty, but there are still good people out there. I sa

s fiery silhouette is still seared on my retinas every time I close my eyes."

When I finally looked up at him, it was his turn to look away. We were both damaged. No one escaped Tartarus unscarred. Mouse stirred beneath me and we both shifted our focus to her. Was she still intact? The way she whimpered in her sleep told me she wasn't. Something had happened to her too, but her story was her own. I wasn't sure she would ever be able to share it.

She whimpered again, her tiny hand trembling. I leaned down and squeezed her hand, reassuring her she was safe. She quieted almost instantly.

We all are damaged somehow.

No. No one escapes Tartarus unscathed.



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