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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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OUR PROGRESSION THROUGH the city seemed painfully slow compared to the nights I had run with Triven. There were many more of us this time and not every member of the guard was as agile or as fast as I would have liked. Mouse stayed at my side as I had instructed, only leaving it when we came to gaps between buildings that were too big for her to span. At these rare moments Triven would gather her in his arms and flawlessly make the leap with her held close to his chest. My heart stopped every time they jumped, only restarting when their feet were once again on solid ground.

It took us nearly an hour to reach the outskirts of the city. The massive base of the wall loomed high above the streets. As a reminder of its power, of our separation from their world, a bird slammed into the invisible shield towering above us. I could feel a collective jump from the group as the air crackled and the incinerated carcass fell to the streets. Only Mouse and I stood steady.

Gazing at the city below us, I mentally slapped myself. How many times had I stood on this exact rooftop? How many times had I passed right by the one thing I wanted most and never knew it was there? I should have known it would be here, of all places. It made the most sense.

I looked to Mouse for direction. "It's by the warehouse isn't it?"

She nodded, pointing to a dark shack of a building not ten feet from the Ravagers' food warehouse.

It all made sense now. The place I had first seen Mouse was not far from here and what better place to hide a passageway than one that is already guarded. I had always been so distracted by the food that I had never thought to look for more. Even now as we stood atop the skyline, three Ravager guards passed below on their rounds. No wonder those guards inside had always been so careless about their patrol of the food. It was never the food they were protecting.

Triven spoke first. "Team two will cover us from the rooftops. We will have to enter from street level. Veyron, take Mouse—"

Mouse tugged on his shirt interrupting him, shaking her head. She held out her hand and pressed her other index finger to it like a keypad.

Triven closed his eyes in exasperation. "There's a code isn't there?"

She nodded.

"And I'm guessing you're not going to tell us." I glowered at her, but she wasn't intimidated. Mouse signed together again then, folded her arms defiantly and shook her head. I wanted to hit something.

Triven opened his mouth to argue but I silenced him. "There's no time to waste arguing about it. Veyron, Arden and Willets will come with us. Once Mouse lets us in the tunnel you will get her back to safety. You two will cover us from above."

I pointed to Rowan and Baxter. I had seen what each of them was capable of with a gun. If they were acting as snipers from the rooftops, our chances were significantly better.

"Shoot anything that isn't us." Archer barked before they took off across the rooftops.

Triven's glare was cold when I finally met his eyes. I knew he disagreed with me and if anything happened to Mouse he would never forgive me. In truth, I would never forgive myself either. He hoisted her up on his back and began to climb over the edge of the building into the dark

aces of anyone stupid enough to come within striking distance. I jumped to my feet and began firing rounds into the advancing crowd of Tribesmen.

We were outnumbered, but they were falling faster. Suddenly the fire from above ceased and when it began again it was the advancing Ravagers that began to fall. Rowan and Baxter had taken down the other snipers and were now protecting us from above.

Maybe we had a chance.

But even as the thought crossed my mind, a fire exploded in my right arm. I screamed, my body spasming as the bullet pierced my skin. The world tilted as I staggered sideways, the gun falling from my numb fingertips.

A new thought crossed my mind. If we couldn't fight, then I had to get them into the tunnel.

I lunged forward aiming for the injured Arden, but was knocked backwards by what felt like a brick wall.

Huge arms closed around me as I struggled to free myself.

"There's no time!" Maddox's gruff voice shouted into my ear.

I screamed something back at him. Most likely a string of profanities, but his grip was too strong for me. Plowing forward like a freight train he forced me back into the shack. His hand clamped painfully over my bullet wound and he threw me into the open passageway. My hands and face slammed to the dirt floor as I yelled in protest. I raised my head just in time to see his hulking outline as Maddox yanked the door shut behind us. The mechanical click of the bolts sounded like a death sentence.


This chapter was extremely hard to write. :( Because believe me, killing people is not easy. I know I keep saying it but we're real close to the end but we are and I can't imagine. As for me, I just have to write the final chapter :( :( :( BUT BUT BUT I'll save all the whinings and emotions for the end!!!!!!!!

As for the new story I'm starting I can finally tell you that It's also a Science Fiction-Dystopian-Adventure-Action sorta thing just like The Rouges but I believe more grittier yet with a million times better plot. I haven't started writing it yet but I'm excited to and can't wait for you guys to check it out!!!

Do comment because I've missed them!!!!!!!!!! :)

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