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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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IT HAD TAKEN us nearly four days of being trapped inside that unbearably stale room, but there was finally an agreed upon plan. There would be two armed parties. Triven and I would be heading team one. Mouse would be taking us to the passageway, and upon our safe entry, team two would escort her back to The Subversive bunker. Mouse was not pleased about this part of the mission. I knew she would put up a fight when the time came, but for now she played along. I knew this, because it was what I would do.

Our goal was to infiltrate The Wall and gather as much information about The Sanctuary as we could. The few remaining survivors from The Sanctuary had confirmed nearly everything on Xavier's map. I was surprised that one of them was Doc Porters. But a lot can change in six years. Buildings can fall and be rebuilt, people live and die, and power can change hands. When the defectors last left, they claimed The Sanctuary to be a place of repression, a false utopia. But, again, a lot could change in six years. Based on the weapons we had confiscated from the Ravagers, their weaponry had most certainly advanced. I hoped their politics had as well. As much as I yearned for a respite from the world I had come of age in, the hesitant fear I could see growing in Mouse's deep eyes made that hope dwindle.

Triven had not completely forgiven me for siding with Mouse. I didn't expect him to. He couldn't understand what it was like being alone in this world, what it was to carry a weight that was thrust upon you. There was a part of him that would never understand what Mouse and I saw in each other. Even though I could sense his doubts, he still stood firmly by my side. Part of me wished he would yell at me or push me away when I snuggled closer to him in my sleep, but he didn't. He was a better person than I was. I knew that, but still I could feel a tension growing between us that had not been there before.

Something had changed. When in his arms I had been able to sleep without the waking nightmares, but since that day when he forced me into the grate not even his arms could keep away the dreams. Something in my mind broke that day, cracked wide open and I couldn't close it. The nightmares had become worse. What was once a relentless echo of my parents' murders had morphed into a horrifying mix of echoes from the past and premonitions of the future. Instead of watching just my parents' deaths, I was now also forced to watch as Mouse and Triven were shot to death by a faceless man in a white suit. Somehow I knew he was from The Sanctuary, as if some forgotten memory from my childhood had filtered through the buried depths of my mind. I clawed relentlessly at the bars encasing me until my hands were raw, the blood dripping down my arms and face. Still the bars would not give. The screams I had trained myself to hold back could no longer be contained. I would wake in the middle of the night now, soaked in sweat, shaking as my screams filled our room.

Fortunately, Mouse had begun sleeping in the children's bunk now, because my fits would have terrified her. Despite our ten

uld wear the body armor perfectly concealed beneath her clothing, while I would fake wearing mine. To everyone else it would appear that she had graciously given her armor to me for Mouse's sake and then Triven no longer had an excuse not to wear his.

I ran my hands over my weapons again, going through my mental checklist. The people I wanted protected had the odds in their favor. I carried two long-range handguns and thirteen knives of various sizes hidden on my person. In a small pouch sewn into my jacket were my father's notebook and his pocket watch. In my backpack was a first aid kit from Doc Porters, two water canteens, the maps of the city, and a few MREs. Aside from the fact I had more weapons than I ever had before, I felt like myself again. The callous girl, who had braved the city for so long on her own, stirred within me.

People were starting to filter out of the weapons room. Dark should have fallen by now and the city would be waiting for us. I scanned the too quiet room again and noticed everyone had weapons except for Mouse. Making sure no one was watching us, I took a small knife from my boot and placed it in hers.

"Don't use this unless absolutely necessary. Don't try to protect anyone else. The only person you need to worry about is you. Do you understand?"

She nodded, her brown eyes serious.

If we failed we would all die, and in the depths of Mouse's eyes I could see her understanding of that. A chill trickled down my spine. In minutes we would be letting a child lead us, following her towards two possible futures— surviving long enough to start a war or dying before the night was over.



I know i haven't updated in days and tbh I couldn't wait to get back and update as I had so many banked chapters. To make up for my absence which was due to some real WiFi problem that I had at my home which is now fixed, I would update twice today.

Also we're really coming to the end. Can't wait fr you guys' comments after not so (read:so) long!!!!! Do let me know what you think!!!

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