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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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MY LITTLE SPEECH had worked. Mouse had gotten on board with our plans to infiltrate the walls. But it had worked too well. When she said "together" I assumed that it meant she would show us the way on the maps. Little did I know she meant to come with us. As I met his gaze from across the table, it was easy to see Triven was equally angry at me for not treating her more like a child.

Mouse had poured over the maps, her petite fingers tracing the city streets looking for something. There was understanding in her bright eyes, but when we asked her to show us the entrance she shook her head and signed. Together.

It clicked then for both of us. She didn't simply want to help us find the entrance, she wanted to come with us. No matter how hard we pressed her, she refused to relent. I even threatened to venture out on my own without her, but she knew the threat was useless. In one final attempt at intimidation, we set her before the council with the hope that she would buckle under the pressure. I hated the idea of sending such a small child to face a room of antagonistic adults— seeing as how even I found them intimidating— but the alternative was worse. If Mouse didn't tell us the location then we would have no choice but to bring her along. Just thinking about dragging her through the city where she couldn't defend herself made it harder to breathe.

Granted, I was not much older than her when I was left to fend for myself, but I had no other choice at the time. Mouse did. She didn't have to choose a life of bitterness and violence. She could still be a child and I didn't want to be the one to take that away

severe voice. Arstid's hands were folded neatly on the table before her. "We're wasting precious time trying to extract information from this child. If she wants to risk her life, then that is her choice to make. We have laid in wait for nearly seven years and the time has come to take action. Supplies are beginning to run low and with the Tribe wars we have been initiating, this city has become a ticking time bomb. Right now we have the upper hand. Thanks to Triven, "— yeah, because it's not like I was there or anything— "we now know The Sanctuary has the Ravagers in their back pocket. Ultimately we are out-numbered and out-gunned. The only advantage we have is surprise. We have managed to lay low for the better part of a decade, but that invisibility won't last for much longer. We need to strike now before we are discovered."

Even though several members still looked mutinous, no one spoke against her. Not even Triven. When no one disagreed, we began to formulate a plan.


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