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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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MY UNDERESTIMATION OF Triven bothered me. My ability to assess people had kept me alive on the streets but with him I had been wrong. For six years, I could pick out a threat from a mile away. But Triven had gotten close. I had let him get close. And for some unknown reason, no buzzer in my brain went off. There was no warning of an imposing threat. Yet, clearly he was not just a sensitive bookworm.

His knife-throwing abilities had proven that. I waited for my intuition to whisper its warning, but still there was only silence.

A part of me hoped it was because he wasn't a threat, and the other part of me told the first part to shut up, that I was growing soft.

We found Mouse at dinnertime. She was sitting with several other small children, pushing her food around her plate. It wasn't until she saw me that her face lit up. Her quick smile warmed something in my heart. Launching herself from the table, Mouse ran to us. The impact as she crashed into me was surprising for how small she was. There were tears spilling down her cheeks as her frail arms wrapped around me.

"Hey, " I crouched and wiped them away with my sleeve. "I promised I would come back didn't I?"

She nodded, her chin still quivering.

"I won't let anything happen to you, okay?" There was no promise of staying here with her this time. I di

hildren sitting at the table laughing as they innocently took comfort in each other, looking at Mouse as she clung to Triven's hand, we both knew we would kill to keep them that way. To give them a chance at what we never had.

I understood Arden's actions. It wasn't even about forgiving him, rather it was about respecting him. And I did. Like me, he was a child of the streets. Raised in a Tribe bent on killing and yet here he had reformed and was now protecting others. Could I follow in those same footsteps or was I too broken? Too far gone?

Guilt tightened my chest as Mouse sat down next to me. Could I be good enough for her?


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