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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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I FOUND BOTH Mouse and Triven in our room. Mouse leapt onto me as I entered, her tiny arms squeezing so hard it nearly hurt. My chest released a little— at least she was safe. I hesitantly met Triven's eyes, the shame for my behavior still fresh. But his eyes were as hard and admiring as ever. I was thankful for it. He had comforted me, held me while I fell apart. He had seen me at my worst and still there was no pity in his eyes, only strength. In that moment I understood. He didn't pity me, he had never pitied me. Every hesitant touch, every gentle word wasn't because I was breakable, it was because I was a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode. No, he didn't pity me. He understood me.

Maybe better than I did myself.

Mouse flashed her hands at me when I finally pulled away. She was trying to ask me something, but I gathered her hands and shook my head to quiet her.

"Mouse, I have to ask you something, okay?" I knelt to her level.

Her wide eyes popped with trepidation, but she slowly nodded.

"You're from The Sanctuary aren't you?" Her brown eyes welled with tears. She shook her head violently, willing it not to be true. "Did I ever tell you I was from The Sanctuary?

but I kept my attention on Mouse.

Her eyes were still brimming with tears, but they brightened with determination now. She touched a palm to both Triven's face and mine. Then signed once more. Triven translated for me.




I'm writing another story!!

Yes another story! I can't talk about it more because i have no idea his it is going to turn out buy I'm excited for it!! I'll keep you updated more about it in the next fee chapters!!!!

And this story is also coming to an end (really really soon). I keep want to writing it but it already has all the plot I want to have it!!

Also sorry for the late update! As I said my WiFi has officially gone bonkers!

And as for chapter dedication, it will be in the next chapter!


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