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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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EVENTUALLY THE SOBS quieted and my body slowly stopped shaking. Triven kept me pressed to his chest, but he never said a word. I was revolted with myself. Despite all of my bravado, all my effort to keep up the hardened fa?ade, he now knew how broken I was. And there was no taking it back. I hated him... I hated that he made me get into the grate. I hated that he was stronger than me. I hated that he was a better person than I was. But what I hated most is that I didn't hate him at all.

Honestly, it scared me. For years I had repressed my emotions, choked back my fear just as I did my screams every morning. But tonight, in that grate, everything finally caught up to me. Despite my best efforts I couldn't outrun my past. The repressed memories mauled me with their razored talons until I lay raw and naked. The little girl I had thought died—that I had desperately wanted to die in the alley— was still alive somewhere in me. And her presence burned. The little girl had never left. I had just bound and gagged her. Kept her temporarily silent.

Then, something in my mind clicked. Words came to me through the haze. What had the deep-voiced man said tonight?

"Find the girl." I whispered to myself as the gears clicked back into place. A completely different kind of fear overshadowed my thoughts.

"What?" Triven relaxed his grip on me. Pushing him away I sprung to me feet in a panic.

"Find the girl!" I screamed at him.

He looked back at me lost. His dark eyebrows pulled together.

"Find the girl, Triven! Those men tonight, they were from The Sanctuary weren't they?" My body was vibrating with tension.

"Yes... well some of them I think. But there were Ravagers too, the one with the eye patch seemed to be in charge."

I was thankful he had kept his eyes open when I could not. I knew I recognized that voice.

"I know who they're looking for." I snatched my bag from Triven's side. He must have grabbed it before following me. I turned and started walking in the opposite direction, shoving all of my own pain back down.

"How?" Triven grabbed his bag and jogged after me, perplexed.

"Because of the man with the eye patch."

"You know him?"


parents' or mine then it would be someone else's. It would never stop. Whatever childish dreams I had had about escaping into The Sanctuary, disappearing into their world, had vanished tonight. It wasn't about our world and theirs anymore. As soon as that man spoke tonight, as soon as his voice struck my ears, I realized the truth. Arstid had been right. There never was any them or us, we were one in the same. United in this forsaken hellhole. They were just the men behind the curtain, cruel and corrupt just like us. The blood would never stop flowing as long as The Wall kept us contained. We had to get into The Sanctuary and it had to be now. The Wall had to be breached. That barrier gave them power over us. They could come into our world whenever they saw fit, manipulating the Tribes to get what they wanted. I once thought The Wall was like a fence, meant to keep out the dangers of Tartarus. But the truth was, it was a cage meant to contain us. We were the ones trapped like rats, not the other way around. And if both sides were equally corrupt, breaching The Wall meant leveling the playing field. It was never about stopping the Tribes as I had thought. They were just the pawns. We needed to go after the leader. We needed to take down The Minister of The Sanctuary.


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