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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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MY EYES NATURALLY took to the ceiling, searching the beams for a place to hide even though I knew there was nothing there. Everything was too open, too exposed. The rapid beating of my heart pulsed in my ears. We were trapped. I jumped when Triven's hand closed around my wrist.

I turned to meet his green eyes. Instead of finding panic, they were strangely apologetic. "I'm sorry, but it's the only way. I will be right here with you."

My eyes traveled to his left hand. It was holding up a metal grate in the floor. The tendons in my throat constricted violently. Before I could pull away, he yanked forward, throwing me effortless under the grate. It was all I could do not to scream. I fell face first into the shallow pit, the stench instantly transforming me back into that scared eleven-year-old. I pushed myself up, trying to escape, but Triven's body crashed down on me pinning me to the ground. He pushed me onto my back and laid down next to me as the grate clanked shut. The bars seemed to close in, pressing in on me, crushing me. My body began to shake uncontrollably.

"Close your eyes." Triven whispered. There was fear in his voice, but it was still steady. "I'm here, Prea. I'm not leaving you."

I pressed my palm over my mouth, stifling my ragged breathing just as the door opened. The light went out as they moved inside. Shadows passed over us and I stopped breathing. Then the door clicked shut and the light came back on. The sole of a dress shoe was hovering inches from my face. I closed my eyes. Our hiding place was cast into shadow. The dim light was barely strong enough to reach us and with our dark clothing we would just disappear. As long as they didn't look down for too long we just might remain unseen.

I tried to envision myself somewhere else, anywhere else, but the smell was too familiar. Closing my eyes only made it worse, but I couldn't make them open. I could see my parents' faces, their blood spilling onto the darkened pavement. My mother's screams began to echo in my ears.

Triven's h

and understanding.

"No Prea. Not like this."

I crumpled in defeat, letting my hands fall limp in his grip. Then the sobs came, wracking my body with fierce convulsions. Heavy arms wrapped around me, gathering me in their shelter. It hurt. Everything hurt. All of the pain I had repressed for so many years flooded my mind, drowning me. It could have been minutes or hours or days, I didn't know. I thought maybe I would die from the pain, but it only persevered. The only thing that held me to this earth, that kept my life grounded, were the arms holding me.


Was waiting so long for you guys to read this chapter because for some weird reason I wanted you guys to see this side of always-tough-bad ass Lyra/Prea. I just wanted you guys to see that no matter how tough you are, at some point, you do break/snap.

And today's chapter is dedicated to another fan Heather who is also an amazing supporter. You guys don't know how much your feedback matters to me so thank you for it.

And oh Heather.. thank you for always telling me when the order of the chapter goes wrong! :) You've saved the future readers a whole lot of confusion. :D There's probably something wrong with my computer or my page...

But apart from that VOTE//COMMENT AND ENJOY!

P.S: I've started watching Marvel's Daredevil. Do let me know if you've seen it!!

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