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WHEN I AWOKE there was light seeping in from under the closed door. I mentally kicked myself for not sealing it off properly last night. On my own, I would have never made a mistake like that.

Triven's arms were draped around me, his breath tickling my ear. I blinked at the unfamiliar daylight streaming in. This was the second time my nightmares had not plagued me. At first I thought maybe it had been whatever was in Cook's hooch, but this time the only common factor was Triven.

We had spent the night in a feverish embrace, our lips never getting enough, but our romantic exploits stopped there. Not that we didn't want more— we did— this just wasn't the time or the place. And if I was being honest with myself, I wasn't ready and somehow he knew that. I wasn't sure I could let myself connect to another person that intimately. Sharing myself like that meant giving a piece of myself away, and right now I was barely holding onto the pieces I had left.

I pulled away from Triven, pausing as he mumbled in his sleep. Quietly, I grabbed the maps and headed back down to the clock room. A greenish light poured in from all of the opaque faces. I paused, drinking in the light. This was the closest I had come to seeing daylight in almost six years. I knew the sun of Tartarus was not the one of my childhood. Out here the atmosphere was tainted by decay. If I went outside, there would be no blue sky, or golden sun. Just haze and smog that tinged the sun's rays a greenish brown. It was easier to stand behind the frosted glass clock faces and pretend the world outside was that of my childhood rather than to face the truth of my reality.

After spreading the two maps over the aged floor, I folded my knees beneath me and began to study the pressed pages. The Master had kept them in perfect condition, the delicate papers only tinged slightly with inevitable age. Even after all of the years I had stood on rooftops looking down on the city, it still seemed strange to see it from this view, from so high above. One map contained elaborate photographs of the city before it crumbled into Tartarus. Vehicles could be seen on the streets, people on the sidewalks, no protruding mountains or wastelands to be seen. The aerial projection seemed surreal. The buildings stood straight, the streets were whole, it seemed nothing like the city I knew. But hidden in the structured order was something familiar. Shapes, that while whole, triggered some kind of recognition.

The other map was hand-drawn in great detail. There was no mistaking the dense line that represented The Wall. Outside of the line was nothing,

rom the monsters that were outside of The Wall. But now, I realize it was never about protecting us, it was about controlling us." Triven sat back from the maps, chewing absently on his thumbnail as he got lost in his own memories.

My mind was whirling with information. I wished I could remember something, anything, that somewhere in my brain Triven's words would trigger some of my lost memories, but there was nothing. My past was still just a void. My fingers unconsciously traced the scar hidden beneath my hair. To my surprise Triven's fingers followed mine, his hand cupping my face as they traced over my scar.

"Do you think this is why you can't remember?" Concern flared in his gentle features.

I shrugged, shaking my head as I pushed his hand away.

"It's going to be dark soon, we should eat and get ready to leave. The building The Mas-Xavier told us about is not far from here. I would like to scope it out tonight. If we have to be out in the daylight to follow their movements I want to plan our hiding places. It's better if we stack the odds in our favor." I got up and stretched. "I'll find us something to eat. See if you can get anything else from the maps."


Heyy!! Big things are going to happen now! Also when I've actually got to sit down and lay out all the structures properly, I've come to realise that this story is actually shorter than what I imagined!! Maybe it's because there are a lot of chapters that are really long and cover a lot of the plot that I want to see in this story!'

Today's chapter is dedicated to aduhryne who's also a great reader and I BElEIVE person!!!!

Go check out her works!!

But NO WORRIES. We are still in for a long ride!!!

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