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WE SHADOWED THE Master over the next two rooftops. I had never accessed his building the same way twice. Every time I had entered through an access, it would be thoroughly sealed off by my next visit. Our encounter with The Master had not been as bad as I had expected— a few bumps and bruises, maybe a broken finger. The first time I met him he knocked me out cold for the better part of the day. He said the only reason he didn't kill me was because I was a kid and I could be good trading leverage to a Tribe. When I offered him a long-term agreement of exchanging food, weapons and books for his training he knocked me out again while he thought about it. Apparently my first two lessons were how to take a hit. I was twelve.

We went in through an abandoned elevator shaft this time. The Master jumped carelessly into the shaft, zipping downward at an alarming speed. He didn't care if we followed or not. If we were too scared, he wouldn't have to deal with us. If we fell to our deaths, no one would ever have to deal with us again.

I made sure Triven watched closely as I wound my legs around the cables and gripped tightly with both hands. His eyes flickered for just a moment as I slid down the shaft into the darkness. I could feel him climb on above me as the cables whizzed beneath the soles of my boots. It seemed to take forever, the friction beginning to burn even my callused hands. I feared a body would come rushing past me, that Triven would lose his grip. But he held on. The Master waited until both our feet met the bottom of the shaft, then he moved onward. We moved silently in the dark. It had only been minutes, but it felt much longer, the darkness devouring the time. I jumped when light filled the hallway. Repressing the urge to shield my eyes, I followed The Master's outline through the door.

Everything was as I remembered it. There were no windows, only concrete walls adorned with elaborate pillars. There was still a makeshift mat in the center where he had taught me to fight. Old bloodstains still soiled the surface, some of them undoubtedly mine. The polished stone floors were littered with junk. Boxes were stacked here and there, along with random books and bundled paper. Tiny bands grouped the stacks of paper with numbers on them, each group imprinted with a man's face I didn't recognize. Whatever they once were, The Master now used them as kindling. I watched as he tossed two bundles into his dying fire. In the light I could see him better. He had aged since I last traded with him. It had been nearly two years. His dark hair was now peppered with grey. As always he was a handsome man, with honey skin and full lips. His almond-shaped eyes were bright and intrusive as he watched us enter. I stopped just inside the room, Triven stopping with me.

I broke the silence. "Triven this is The—"

"Xavier." Triven cut me off. My eyes jumped to his face. Anger was apparent in his clenched jaw, but only to me.

"I haven't heard that name in quite some time boy. And how did you come by it may I ask." I could see The Master's hand move to the knife I knew was hidden at his hip.

"I recognize your face from my mother's photo." Triven sat back against a table, keeping his calm fa?ade. "It's not every day one meets another deserter from The Sanctuary."

My head whipped back so fast my neck kinked. "You're from The Sanctuary?!"

"Aye child. You didn't think your father came upon my name by luck now did you?"

"But y

while rusted gears protruded inwards. You could just make out the clock hands on the other side. We couldn't light a torch in here for fear of being seen, but the room just up the spiral staircase was invisible to the outside.

"Home sweet home." I murmured as we entered the windowless maintenance room and lit the torch.

"How often did you live here?" Triven asked as he ran his fingers over the food preserves I had stashed on a shelf.

"Only sometimes. It's merely one of my safe houses. You know, a different one every night." I shrugged, feeling self-conscious. But his eyes were warm and admiring as they fell on me.

"This is amazing. You're amazing."

I flushed and began rifling through my bag for another torch. "Anyone would have done this. It's just about surviving, that's all."

When I rose, his chest was right in front of me. I looked up at him as his hand reached for my face, but he stopped just before touching me.

"No Prea, most people would have just given up and let the city consume them. You, however, have made this city yours. You bent it to your will and took control of your own destiny. You are amazing."

I pressed my face to his palm, closing the gap between us. The instant my skin touched his, his lips found mine. And for the first time in my life I let myself forget that I was in the city of Tartarus.



So we're off to important parts now! This was one big chapter to get done! I couldn't wait for you guys to know about the Master!!!!!!!

Also I'm thinking of putting up the cast for the characters! Do let me know what you think!

Also I'm starting this little thing where from now on I GIVE SHOUT OUTS and dedicate one chapter to the amazing readers/fans of 'The Rouges'!!

So this chapter is dedicated to the wonderful who s one of the most amazing readers I have. She's always sure to not only vote but also comment!

I absolutely adore reading her comments. Do check out her profile and take a look at her works.

And oh a lot of you guys have been PM'ing me to know how I despite being a boy, can write from a girl's POV.

TBH, i don't know. Its sounds weird but actually, Lyra doesn't require much feminine knowledge!!! :) :)

Have a god day and VOTE//COMMENT and ENJOY!!! (Next chapter dedication might be yours)


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