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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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MOUSE'S EYES BLURRED with tears, but she didn't let a single one fall. Triven and I had packed for four days. Several of our elected groups were already spread throughout the city, wreaking havoc on the tainted citizens of Tartarus. Our plan was working. Tribes were beginning to attack each other. And with my knowledge of the Ravagers, many of the Tribe wars were effectively blamed on them. It seemed an uprising was indeed brewing and it smelled like revolution. The other members of The Subversive had done their part, now it was our turn.

Triven and I were to gather information. I had a few allies in the outside world that could prove useful. There was one in particular I needed to speak to, but trust was not something you could earn from him. In my pack I carried three titanium knives, a heat-seeking gun and a motion-sensor bomb. They were most of what the ambushed recon party had stolen from the Ravagers. They seemed heavy in my pack. Their weight was a constant reminder that I had not confided their presence to Triven. Mouse's drawing was also stuffed in my bag as a reminder to come back. It bothered me that such a sweet drawing was currently pressed against a lethal bomb. That alone was a sick reminder why I was doing this.

Mouse held my hand as we moved towards one of the escape hatches. She knew we would be gone for a few days and I could see the fear in her eyes that she understood we might not come back. To be honest, that thought scared me too. As I glanced down at the orphaned child holding my hand, it still shocked me how much she had changed my life. When we reached the door I crouched down to her level, taking her hands in mine.

"We will be back in a few days."

She nodded, her eyes welling with tears again. She stuck out her first two fingers on each hand and moved her fists together in a circular motion. She was telling me something in sign language. I felt horrible for not having studied that book harder.

Triven came to my rescue, squatting down beside us. "We will, you be careful too. Listen to Veyron, okay?"

"And don't let Maribel get you into any trouble." I added, thinking of her boisterous friend.

Mouse threw her arms around my neck and squeezed tightly. I clutched her in return, my tiny lifeline. I swallowed hard as she hugged Triven and took Veyron's hand.

"Take care of her." I didn't mean for it to sound like a threat, but it did. Okay, maybe I meant it just a little.

Mouse's brave face tore at me more than he

d causing my left eye to go black. When I blinked again my face was against the rooftop. Feet were dancing in and out of my sightline and it took me a minute to remember who they belonged to. I forced my feet back into submission underneath me and rose unsteadily.

Triven was on the ground now, a taller and leaner man sitting astride his half-conscious body. The knife pressed into his throat was trailing a thin line of blood as The Master pushed against Triven's restraining hands. Triven was managing to keep the blade from sinking in deeper, but just barely.

I pressed my gun to the back of The Master's unruly, shaggy dark head. "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"No fair bringing a gun to a knife fight." His strange accent was still thick even after all these years.

"Weren't you the one who taught me only a fool brings just knives." I kept the barrel pressed to his skull, my finger on the trigger.

He laughed as he retracted the blade from Triven's throat. "Glad to see something got into that thick skull of yours."

He rose to his feet, his dark eyes studying me as he stepped back from Triven's body.

Keeping my gun on him, I reached out to help pull Triven to his feet.

"Weapons." I nodded at the ground.

With a rye smile the tall man began to unload an impressive amount of weaponry from his body. Once the metallic clanking stopped and his pockets appeared empty he began to walk away. I nodded at Triven to pick up a few of the knives, and with my gun still aimed between his shoulder blades, we followed The Master to his lair.


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