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THE DARK GREY room had become painfully familiar over the last few days. Each fissure in the wall, every stain descending from the ceiling, I knew them all. I had prepared myself for the cruelest physical pain, but this monotony was almost worse.

I knew how to control myself, to play along. My first two outbursts in this room had earned me a taser gun in the ribs. Both times I woke up back in the cell with Arden staring down at me. After that, I realized their immediate intention was not to kill me, but they weren't about to set me free either. Every day I asked them questions as I answered theirs, but my queries were never answered. I was no further now than I had been the day I woke up in the doctor's office. My few belongings were still gone and the little girl's situation was still unknown. Arden, while a decent companion, proved equally useless, knowing less than I did about the city itself or our whereabouts.

As I stared at the greying walls for what felt like the hundredth time, I could feel my composure slipping.

"Where were you born?" The sandy-haired inquisitor asked me for the hundredth time.

I ground my back teeth together. "I have told you that already."

"Tell me again." His piercing eyes bore into mine.

"I was born in The Sanctuary. No, I don't belong to a Tribe. Yes, I survived on my own. NO, there is no one else I am working with. And NO, I don't know anything about The Sanctuary. I have no family, as I have said before they're all dead. AND NO, I have NO idea how the hell I got into this pit you call a city!" My voice rose with each sentence until I was nearly screaming. "I'm not answering any more of your idiotic questions until you answer some of mine!"

I jumped up from my seat and grabbed the edge of the table. With a force that surprised even myself, I jerked the table into the air and then slammed it to the floor. Papers splayed everywhere as the glasses of water exploded on the concrete floor.

The reaction in the room was instantaneous. The inquisitor jumped backwards pressing himself into the wall while Maddox's hands wound around my neck. I flailed, clawing at his arms as he yanked me off the ground. His grip tightened, making black spots appear in the corners of my vision. I had lost control. I knew that, but I didn't care. Do it, I thought, go ahead and kill me. It would be better than reliving this same day over and over again.

The door to the tiny room exploded open as the white-haired woman burst in.

"ENOUGH!" She screamed over the chaosInstantly we all froze. Maddox's hands released me and I crumpled to the floor gasping for air.

"Get Veyron to take her to the showers. She smells like a Scavenger." Disgust was strong on her stern face, "Keep the boy busy, I want to see her in the cell alone."

With one last look of revulsion in my direction, she swept from the room. How long had she been watching us?

Maddox yanked me to my feet, half carrying, half dragging me down a new hallway. He threw me into a small room covered in bleached tile. There was a shelf piled with clothing in the corner and a showerhead mounted to the wall. He shut the door behind him as he entered and I moved to further myself from him in the small space. Panic rose in my chest. I was trapped.

A hunger rose in his eyes as he gazed at me.

"You heard the boss, you smell like a repulsive rat." He gestured to the showerhead with his gun.

"She said for you to find another guard to take me here. I assumed Veyron would be a woman." Ice burned in my voice.

"Veyron has better things to do than babysit a defector like you. Besides, what's the matter little girl, embarrassed about your body? You know if you can't do it yourself, I will be forced to do it for you. And I won't be gentle." His dark eyes danced with pleasure as he attempted to intimidate me.

Suppressing the shudder running through me, I bit my cheek and began pulling off my shirt. I could have killed him, I wanted to. But the likelihood of my being able to disarm and subdue a man his size was not high. In an open space, where I had the chance to run, maybe. But trapped in this maze of never ending tunnels, I wouldn't get far. Besides, something in his eyes told me he would enjoy it if I fought back. That he might even lose control and force himself on me in the excitement. So instead of attacking him, I swallowed back the bile and continued to undress.

He leaned back against the wall, tapping his gun as a reminder of the power he held over me. His black eyes filled with lust as they raked over my exposed torso. The last thing I wanted was for this man to see me naked, but I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of knowing I feared him. Going against all of my instincts, I turned my back to him. I tried to pretend he wasn't there, tried not to feel his eyes on me as I removed the rest of my clothing.

Keeping my back to him I turned on the water and stepped into the stream. It was freezing at first, but to my surprise the water warmed. Normally I would have taken my time-showers being such a rare thing and all-but Maddox's eyes were searing into my skin. I wanted nothing more than to put my clothes on again. I made sure to soap my stringy hair and wash the stench of captivity off my skin. As soon as the last of the suds slid off my body I snapped off the water and turned to face him. It took all of my strength not to cover my chest as his eyes traced my body.

"Not bad for a runt." He threw a towel in my face smirking as I covered myself. It was obvious he was aroused by the situation.

Using the towel as a shield I pulled new clothing from the pile and dressed hurriedly. I moved for the door and he clicked his tongue a

t could be a lie. The kind-faced boy had caused me to question not only myself, but to also wonder if some humans were actually capable of kindness. Even as his kind features flickered across my mind, the dark vile eyes of the hulking guard Maddox crossed my thoughts. Reflexively my hands clenched into fists. I envisioned all of the ways I would kill him, if I got the chance. I wanted to watch him suffer for what he had done to me today.

The tiny hand twitched within mine as she fell asleep. The anger boiling to the surface immediately began to ebb as she stirred beneath me.

My life was changing, fast, and I wasn't entirely sure I could handle it.


The tiny brown head shook back and forth as she watched Doc examine me.


She stuck her tongue out, wrinkling her nose. Doc ran his fingers over the scar hidden in my hair, with a perplexed look.

"Every wound healed perfectly except for that one." He sat back scratching his head. "Your memories are still intact, yes?"

"Yes. Well, everything from the last six years at least." I shrugged. "Lilly?"

The girl shook her head again.

"You mean to say you have no memory of your childhood?" Doc looked at me in surprise.

"Nope." He didn't need to know I had a few flashes of memory. It was better just to keep those to myself. As much as I liked Doc Porters, he was still working for the other team. And, until I knew exactly who the other team was, the more I played dumb, the better. I tried another name. "Anders?"

"That sounds like a boy's name." Arden piped in from his cot.

"I agree." Doc said, jotting down something in his journal.

"Well I'm running out of ideas here. If you two don't have any helpful suggestions you can keep your mouths shut."

The little girl grinned as we quarreled. We had spent the last few hours trying to guess her name. Suddenly her eyes lit up and she tapped her chest.

"You have an idea?" I offered her my words.

She nodded. She tapped her chest and then pointed to me.

"You want my name?"

She shook her head. She tapped her chest again, held up her palm in the air and then pointed to me. My forehead creased as I stared helplessly at her.

"I think she wants a name like yours. Something a little less... conventional." Arden said.

"Lyra is not conventional" I posed curtly.

She nodded bouncing where she sat. Doc stopped writing, his interest piqued.

" want a different name. Let me think."

I had chosen my new name out of a necessity to start fresh. When my parents died in that alley so did their precious little girl. I was what rose from her ashes like a phoenix. Lyra naturally seemed the most fitting choice for my new life.

"I didn't keep my given name either you know? I chose mine and I think it's your right to choose the one you want, " I said, meeting her curious eyes. She nodded furiously.

I looked at the way her small hands fidgeted as she watched me. Her eyes flickered from my face to the ground, quick and nervous. She reminded me of a mouse. Her small delicate features, dishwater hair and soft brown eyes seemed to fit the description.

"Mouse?" I asked tentatively and for the first time since we started the name game, she smiled.


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