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   Chapter 47 Until The Cities Lie Ruined

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By the time the flowers began to blossom again, we had already rebuilt most of what had been destroyed. When I said we wouldn't execute what was left of Mother's army, some people in the group tried to argue but, in the end, as angry as we were, most agreed there had been enough death.

We separated them into small groups and drove out in different directions, leaving them to fend for themselves. Some remained angry and hostile, but most were just glad to be alive and, without anyone left to follow, felt no loyalty to any of the others.

"We need to rebuild the gate, " Annie had said when Ron asked about the reconstruction plans.

"No, " I told her. "We're not shutting ourselves off. We're not hiding and we're not closing our doors to anyone. We'll have safety measures but no gates, " I said. "No more walls."

She thought about it for a moment, then a small but genuine smile crossed her face.


Between nightmares, I paced my bunk, when it was warm enough to go outside again, I paced the compound. We were rebuilding but it wasn't over. After months of not being able to sleep, I knew what I had to do.


I zipped the backpack and pulled it over my shoulder. "Don't stop..." I muttered to myself, turning my attention out the window. A blue tint lit the empty road as dawn was beginning to break. "...Just keep moving, " I said and pulled the door open.

I hurried along the road, moving toward the exit. Recent rains made it hard for me to avoid splashing along puddles as I sped to the broken gates.

"Well?" Annie said as she stepped out from around the corner in front of me. I froze. Caught. "Is there a run I didn't know about?"

"I'm not going on a run, I'm..."


"I'll be back soon, " I said.


"I don't know exactly."

"Wait here, " she said.


"Just, wait." She ran off toward her own bunk. I waited for a few more seconds before seeing her again, this time she had a heavy backpack on her shoulders. I opened my mouth but before I could say anything she ran into Marcus' bunk. After another minute, the two came running out, he too had a backpack.

"What's this?" I asked.

"We're coming with you, " she said.

"You don't even know where I'm-"

"There's no changing her mind, " Marcus said. "I tried."

"How did you pack so fast?" I asked.

"We've been

, the fear of what I may find on the road. But it was reduced. Lessened, because now, I wasn't alone.

"You okay?" Annie asked as she sat by my side. I had lost track of time, we had been driving for hours.

"Yeah, " I said. "I'm glad you came."

"Always, " she said. Her eyes drifted from mine, something at the back of the RV got her attention and she laughed. I turned to look, the words 'Vicky's Victories, ' had been written across the layer of dust which covered the back window. I smiled.

"You like our team name?" Seth asked when he noticed us laughing.

"Love it, " I said. Seth went back to talking to Marcus about the correct way to fix an old engine. Marcus seemed desperate to leave the conversation.

Annie got up, "I should try to rescue him, " she said, but I took her hand. "Stay, just for a little while?" I asked. She sat back down.

"He can deal with Seth for a little longer, " she said, putting her head against my chest and closing her eyes

"Thanks, " I smiled.

I saw the old farm houses and stores, all broken and falling apart. The inside cabin shook as we ran over long cracks in the asphalt.

The world continued to rot and die around us. It was coming to an end as the empty skyscrapers began to crumble one by one, reducing themselves from monuments to dust, from civilization to desert. The world they had built was at an end, but ours was just beginning.

The End.

Thank you all for reading! I also have a podcast of of scary stories release every two weeks. Search for "Sessions X" where you get podcasts!

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