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   Chapter 40 Gethsemane

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A statuette of Jesus nailed to the cross hung over the altar in the tiny chapel built almost a century prior. On the oak-wood podium, a verse had been carved. "As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us."

I wasn't sure how I ended up in the chapel. Emmer was still dealing with his people, trying to calm their nerves about the new arrivals as well as the imminent threat of the coming cannibal army. There had been a conversation of whether or not it would be safer to escape into the woods where we would be harder to find. In the end, it was concluded that, even though they may escape the battle by leaving, without the greenhouse, their crops, and all the other things they had arranged for themselves here, life would not be possible outside, especially for the children. Some of the older residents even scoffed at the idea of leaving their only home rather than fighting for it.

When it had become apparent I wasn't needed for the conversation, I began to wander. The compound was like nothing I had ever seen. it was a true community, and yet, they had locked themselves in, forgetting the ills of the world outside, to the point that all of us outsiders were judged by every movement we made and every piece of clothes we had on. They saw us as a danger, even though we were their only hope for surviving the battle.

The plain white cross set against the stark blue sky got my attention and somehow, I ended up the only person walking down the aisle of the tiny chapel. I had heard the story, though only in its simplest form. Now, as I studied the man hanging on the cross, with streams of blood running down his body and gashes adorning his thin frame, I understood. To relieve people of their sins, a great sacrifice must to be made. I didn't know if I believed in God, I had never seen anything to make me think too far in that direction, but as I stood beneath those words, I realized I wanted more than anything for them to be true. East from west, that was the distance I wanted between me and the things I'd done. I closed my eyes. "Help me, " I whispered.

Light filled the room, I turned back to find Annie at the door, hesitating to take any further steps in. "Oh, you're here, " she said.

"Everything alright?"

"Yeah, we just weren't sure where you went. Emmer wants to discuss the plan with you."

"Come here, " I said. I wanted to hold her.

She slowly closed the door behind her. As she moved toward me, her eyes remained glued to the stainedglass windows. "What is this place?"

"Where people go to pray."

"Do you pray?"

"I never hav

your husbands-- they're gone!" Dominic barked. Emmer rushed out in front of him, their faces only inches apart.

"What the hell are you doing?" Emmer said.

"What's he talking about?" a man asked.

"What does he mean, they're gone?" a woman cried.

"She was lying, " Dominic told her, he moved away from Emmer and stalked towards me. "Weren't you?"

"I--" I began, but I didn't know how he could have known, I scanned the others, their eyes watched me, aching to give me the benefit of the doubt. I knew they would kill me if I took their hope away, but Dominic must have known something I didn't. I remained silent.

"How do you know?" the woman asked, "Please, my son's out there!"

"I was told as much, " he said. "She wasn't the first person Emmer let in here without your consent." Dominic put a hand on the shoulder of one of the men standing guard beside him. My heart went cold when I saw him.

"Joseph?" I heard myself say.

"He's right, " Joseph said, cold eyes focused solely on me. "She's a liar."

Finally, my legs did give and I dropped to the ground. Every emotion in me fell away, leaving only a hollow hum-- white noise between my ears.

Our attention was diverted to the door in the gate as it swung open and a motorcycle came screaming inside. The young man driving stopped when he reached us, eyes wide with fear and confusion at the scene in front of him. Dominic marched up to the boy. "Is it time?" he asked. The boy nodded furiously.

Dominic turned back to the rest of us. "Get ready for a fight, " he said, and set his eyes on me. "Not you though." He pulled a cut of rope from his pocket and tied my wrists together behind my back. I was too weak to fight him.

"You don't get to fight, " he said.

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