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   Chapter 36 Ruined

After Grace By MatheusHMacedo Characters: 5840

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Annie cried out as he pushed the barrel hard against her temple. "Throw your gun to me, " he said. I kept my eyes on her, gun on him. "Hey!" he shouted. "Throw it or she dies!"

"You're gonna kill us anyway, " I said, trying to line his head in my sights. He weaved right and left, Annie's eyes moved in and out of my line of sight, I had no shot.

"I'm not here to kill anybody, " he said. "I got a car in the woods, supposed to take you back to her. She says you betrayed her. I don't care, I just want to be with my son. Can't do that 'till I get you over there."

"How the hell did you find me?"

"I was at the lake. Stayed in the car to see how things would go. I'm gonna count to ten--" he said.

"No, " I opened the revolver and ejected the bullets, they rained from the cylinder to the mud by my feet. I threw the empty gun to him, he kicked it aside.

"What else you got?" he asked. I lifted my shirt, showing him I was unarmed. "There was someone else in there, I saw her when I first followed you out here. Tell her to come out."

The upstairs window shot open-- he turned, startled-- aiming up, but there was no one there. "Come out here!" he screamed at the empty window. "Tell her, " he said, turning back to me. "Tell her to come out--" an arrow ripped through the air, shooting downward from the window, nailing into his side. He fell to his knees, Annie bit his arm and pushed away from his grip. He lifted the pistol toward the window and unloaded until the gun clicked empty. He dropped the empty pistol and put his hands to the arrow in his ribs. He screamed in agony as he touched it, unable to pull it out. I grabbed Annie as she came running toward me.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Lily!" she yelled pulling me i

We're not given a choice anymore."

I bent down behind him, wrapping my hands around the arrow sticking from his ribs. He whimpered in agony as I slowly pulled it out, the metal scraping against his bone.

"I have a choice, " I said. "I don't have to do this." I rammed the arrow into his neck. He raised a weak hand up to me, fingers brushing my face. Then, nothing.

I felt like there was a geyser inside me, something rushing up from the depths. I pulled the arrow out and stabbed him in the chest-- again and again I brought my hand down, piercing his dead skin until the arrow snapped.

I screamed-- the sound scratching from my throat, rising into the air and fading in clear afternoon. I remained there as the sky changed colors.

Something broke behind me. I turned and saw Annie watching from the side of the road. Her eyes glazed with a hopeless stare. I was covered in blood.

Then, something got her attention and she turned her eye to the north. I did the same, following the road toward the horizon. In the distance, cars and trucks grew out of the late summer haze. Wilson's group was coming back, moving the wrong way, moving toward us.

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