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   Chapter 35 Dread In Every Step

After Grace By MatheusHMacedo Characters: 5957

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Annie and I slept in shifts, Margot between us, Lily to the side. Just before dawn, as the rain finally eased into a drizzle and the clouds faded, I snuck quietly out the back door to pee. When I came back, Margot wasn't there. Lily and Annie both lay in the living room between the buckets set up to catch water leanking from the ceiling. I grabbed the revolver and moved to the stairs-- Margot stood looking down to me from above. Two knives now strapped around her waist, a sniper rifle was slung on her back and a shotgun in her hands. She rested the barrel of the gun on her shoulder as she walked down the steps.

"What're you doing?" I asked, still aiming the revolver at her. She walked by me, ignoring the gun. She moved to a closet in the living room and pulled a backpack out, then crossed into the kitchen and began filling it with cans and water, she closed the cabinet, leaving more than half of the supplies untouched.

"There's enough here for a couple weeks if you don't gobble it all down at once, " she said. "But after that you're on your own."

"You're leaving?" I asked, putting the revolver away.

"Yeah. I'm leaving." She walked out of the kitchen and through the front door. I chased her out. She walked to a large blue tarp and pulled it aside, underneath was an old motorcycle. She moved to the bike and walked it past me.

"You're still hurt, you lost a lot of blood, " I said.

"Believe it or not, I've had worse than this." Tree branches lay broken all around us, green leaves littered the ground.

"She's your sister. You can't just leave."

"I hunt her food, she makes my clothes, we're not family, we're business partners, and we don't need each other anymore." She threw her leg over the seat and started the engine. I ran beside her, pa

igure it out, " I told her.

"She's not evil. I know you think she is for what she was gonna do to you. But-- she was trying to keep me safe. I'm her sister, I can't leave her."

"I know, " I said, and looked to the open door, expecting to see Annie walking up the stairs but there was nothing. "Rest, I'll be right back." She closed her eyes as I covered her beneath a blanket. I crossed to the door and leaned out. "Annie?" I said. The house was silent.

I moved down the stairs, taking the revolver in my hands. "Annie, " I whispered when I reached the bottom floor. My hands were beginning to sweat, my heart worked harder than it should, pumping fast blood through constricted veins. Scanning the downstairs, my eyes landed on the table by the fireplace. A cup of water sat undisturbed in the center of the wood.

The smell of wet grass drifted past me and I turned my eyes to the front door, it sat slightly ajar. I moved towar it, each step filled me with dread. Finally, I reached the door. With my gun out, I quietly pulled it open.

Travis stood about ten feet away, Annie locked behind his arm, gun to her head.

"You killed my wife, " he said, cocking the hammer.

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