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   Chapter 34 Sisters

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Blood covered the stairs as Lily and I pulled Margot up to the second floor. We rushed into the bathroom and lay her down in the tub. "I need a rag, a lighter, and a knife, " I told her. Lily ran from the room in search of the supplies. "And long bandages!" I yelled. I ripped Margot's shirt and lifted her up, searching for an exit wound. I found it, it was almost three times the size of the entry. I knew I wouldn't be able to sew it shut but maybe I could stuff it enough to keep her from bleeding out.

Lily and Annie ran inside with everything I had asked for. "Please help her, " Lily cried. Annie took her by the hand and dragged her out of the room.

"Come on, " Annie said, "we should clean the stairs for when she wakes up, " Annie took Lily's hand and walked her downstairs.

I put the clean rag into the exit wound to stop the bleeding and finally took a breath. When I did, I looked into the face of the woman who was only minutes earlier going to execute me and Annie.

My hand loosed its grip around her shoulder and I pulled the rag away. Blood poured to the white tub below. All I had to do was wait and she'd be gone. Through the door I could hear Lily's muffled cries and Annie's soothing words. "Grace will help her, " she said.

"I shot my own sister."

"You saved us."

I lit the lighter's flame under the knife and cortorized the wound. I could smell her flesh burning, she never even twitched. I put the rag back on the wound and wrapped the bandages around it.


Rain showered over the house, beating against the weakened roof and knocking on the windows, the black night flashed pink and blue as lightning ripped the skies. I sat on the broken toilet beside the unconscious woman, blood staining my hands for what felt like the hundredth time since autumn.

The door opened and Annie came inside carrying a bucket filled a thrid of the way through with water. "For your hands, " she said and took a sponge from her pocket and dunked it in.

"How did you know?"

"That your hands would be bloody? I think because of all the blood..."

"Don't start with the sarcastic teenager thing."

"Is it obvious?" she asked.


"That I'm thriteen?"

"Are you?"

"My birthday's in the winter so, yeah. I guess I am."

"You should've told me. We could have celebrated."

"Oh yeah, take a break from all the surviving and find some streamers."

"There you go again with the sarcasm." She put the bucket down in front of me. "We should save it to drink, " I said.

"Lily and I put all their buckets outside to catch the rain, there's no shortage of water. This one's from a leak in the living room, " she said and took my hand

er, just keep your hands where I can see them, " I said.

"Hear her Lily? Better be careful, this is their house now."

"What's your problem?" I said. "I saved you from bleeding out-"

"Wouldn't have needed saving if you never came in the first place."

"You were wrong about us, " I said. "We're not here to steal from you. We needed some water--"

"And you were gonna take it. What do you call that?" Margot asked as she walked close to me. "I told my sister you were here to take from us and that was exactly why you came."

"You're right, we did. We could've died out there-"

"So, you admit it, " she said. "When your life is on the line, nothing's out of bounds, not even taking water from an asthmatic girl."

"Woman, " Lily said.

"Really?" Margot smiled, turning to her sister. "You didn't look like anything more than a scared kid when those men came rolling past last year, hootin' and hollering, I was the one who had to lead them away. Had to risk getting caught-"

"I never asked you to protect me."

"You never had to! I was protecting you since you were a baby. You were younger than this little girl when I inherited you- when they killed dad, when they... took mom."

"You say you do it for me, " Lily began, walking up to Margot, "maybe that was true once, but now? You don't even know who you're turning away, you kill people because that's all you have."

"I sacrificed everything for you!" she stumbled forward and lost her balance, Lily reached out and grabbed her before she could fall.

"I didn't want to just survive, " Lily said. "I wanted my sister."

"Get her some water, " I told Annie who quickly left the room.

"Want's got nothing to do with this world Lily, " Margot said.

"You're wrong, " I told her. "It's everything."

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