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   Chapter 33 Before The Storm

After Grace By MatheusHMacedo Characters: 5686

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The door leading into the room stood beside the mirror in front of Annie and I, and yet, the woman now holding us hostage had come from behind us. She looked about a decade older than me with the eyes of a soldier who'd never known peace. The shotgun hovered inches from my back, close enough for me to smell the gunpowder. I put my hands on the strap of my rifle and pulled it off my shoulder, lowering it to the ground as the woman watched.

"You too, " she said to Annie who reached down to her pistol and pulled it up by the handle. She threw the gun toward the woman's foot, making a loud thud on the wood. I spun around on my heels and slammed both hands on the shotgun's the barrel, trying to twist it from her grip.

She had been surprised by my action but somehow she was ready for it. As I pushed the barrel down, she pulled it up-- fire erupted from the hollow cylinder as her finger accidentally slipped into the trigger guard. The shot ripped into a nearby chair which exploded into nothing but splinters and sawdust. I pushed her against the wall, my biceps tightening as I fought for control of the gun.

"Annie, gun!" I shouted. We had kicked Annie's pistol out of view, she grabbed my long rifle.

Another shot pierced my ears in the small room but it wasn't from the shotgun. I thought Annie had shot the woman but she was still fighting me. "Stop it!" another voice sounded behind us. I turned-- another, somewhat younger woman held a revolver to Annie's head by the doorway. Annie was scared, but it was the woman holding the gun who was fighting back tears. I loosened my grip on the shotgun, the woman fighting me took the opportunity to smack me across the face with it-- I f

the dirt.

"Oh my god, " Lily said, "oh god." I looked back, the shot had gone through Margot's shoulder.

"Cut me loose, I can help her, " I said. Her frightened eyes drifted toward me. "If you don't, she'll die."

Dust blew into the air staining the world brown as the wind from the storm finally reached us. Lily took a small knife from her pocket and pulled open the blade. She sawed the rope until I could finally move my arms. I ripped the knots from my feet and grabbed the knife from her hands.

"Wait--" Lily said, I ran to Annie and cut her loose. "Please don't leave us. Please, she's my sister, " she cried between a stream of steady tears. I moved to the shotgun on the ground and picked it up, looking down at Margot who lay unconscious on the grass, blood oozing from her shoulder. Annie ran up to me and looked to the wounded woman, than to her crying sister. She knew what I was thinking.

"We can't, " she said.

I bent down and picked up the revolver, putting it behind my back, then gave Annie the shotgun. "Help me carry her, " I told Lily as the sun was finally overtaken by the black clouds above.

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