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   Chapter 28 Requiem For Peace

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It wasn't long before the rest of the camp heard word of the fire and gathered beside me and Wilson to watch.

Seth broke from the crowd and limped along the blacktop, headed toward the flames. "Seth?" Wilson called as he passed us. He began to follow but I silently signaled for him to let me go instead. He did. I walked after Seth as he moved purposefully down the abandoned highway.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"I can't come with you."

"They won't let us in without you. They'll think we killed you."

"Tell them I killed my self 'cause that's what I did when I drew you that map." I jogged to get beside him.

"You did the right thing. You're saving lives."

"Saving lives? Do you see that?" he pointed to the orange glow. "They're not letting you go. If you go to my camp, that's the end of it. They'll follow you-- they'll tear it apart."

"We can fight, " I said. He scoffed and walked on. "Alright then, " I began, "what's your plan?"

"When they catch me, I'll tell them you went another way."

"Then what?"

"Then I'm dinner I guess."

"Stop!" I yelled. He finally did. "I know you think hiding in the forest is the safest thing but, you're wrong. Think about the future, what happens when people get old and start dying off? There aren't enough of us to keep going. We can make your group stronger. And there's more people like us out there, people who are lost, who need help. You want to leave them to die just because your own family's safe? Is that the world you want your sister to grow up in?" He only stared ahead.

"What about them?" he said, looking to the fire. "Won't they always be around too?" he asked.

"The more we change the world for the better, the less we'll have to fear in it."

One of the small sedans tore out from behind us-- I pulled Seth to the shoulder as it cut past us. What the hell was that?!" I yelled to no one in particular. I turned to the scared crowd and saw Wilson jumping into his own car which came screaming toward us. He stopped in front of me. I leaned down to the passenger window.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Travis. He took Marcus, he's gonna try to make a deal with them."

I jumped inside, Seth opened the back door. "No, " I told him. "Stay here with Annie, she'll be scared, keep her calm."

He hesitated, then closed the door. "I mean it, " I told him. "Stay." He nodded. Wilson burned rubber as he slammed the accelerator. We chased the two little red dots in the distance, the en

son along with the other. When Travis reached Marcus he grabbed him by the back of the neck and led him into the back seat of our car. Elizabeth opened the back door and Jonah crawled inside. Travis got into the driver's side and waited for his wife to follow. She didn't.

"Lizzie, get inside, " Travis called.

"They'll come after us, " she told him, her gun switching between me and Wilson.


"They're not gonna let us go!" she said, knocking back the hammer. "I'm so sorry Wilson."

"Elizabeth, " Wilson began, "wait."

She shot him between the eyes. He fell back on the asphalt, dead. She turned the gun to me. I darted behind the trunk and threw it open. A long assault rifle lay inside.

Bullets came drilling through the metal trunk-- I flipped off the safety and pulled back on the bolt-- I leaned out and shot before she had a chance, cutting a line across her chest.

"Mommy!" Jonah screamed.

The reverse lights sparked on-- I darted back but the car came rushing at me, knocking me a few feet back. I shot at its brake lights. Travis peeled out, his son and Marcus now both locked inside. I lay bruised on the highway, watching the solitary red light fade into the orange glow like some demon returning to Hell.

When I was finally able to stand, I slowly and painfully made my way to Wilson whose lifeless eyes still stared at the canopy of silver stars above.

The sound of a struggling cough sputtered behind me. Elizabeth choked on the blood in her lungs. She lay with her legs buckled beneath her, dying in the dirt. I moved to her. Her eyes were wide, afraid. I aimed the long barrel between them and fired.

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