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   Chapter 27 A False Sunset

After Grace By MatheusHMacedo Characters: 7110

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The tires burned against the asphalt as the car came screeching to a halt. I jumped out and threw the back door open. Nightfall was only minutes away. "Wilson!" I shouted.

People had already begun to gather as Wilson ran up behind me, he put his arm beneath Seth's and pulled him out of the car. "You're gonna explain this right?"

"Just keep him alive, we need to know what he knows."

He brought the unconscious Seth to the medical tent, the only tent we had bothered to set up. "Grace?" Elizabeth's voice was groggy, like she'd been sleeping all day. Her son clung to her leg, his eyes focused on his feet. "Where's Travis?"

I took the keys in my hand and offered them to her. "Take the car, he's on the road."

"Walking? Alone?" she asked, already in a panic.

"He'll explain it. Go."

She took the keys from my hand and led Jonah to the car. She hesitated when she saw the blood in the back seat then helped Jonah into the passenger's side and in seconds they were gone. I knew we only had a few minutes to get the information out of Seth before Travis came back demanding my blood.

"What's happening?" Ron asked, putting a voice to the rest of the crowd who only watched and wondered.

"When Travis comes back, don't give him a gun." I said and ran to the Medical tent.

Wilson put a stethoscope over Seth's bruised ribs and listened. "I don't think there's any internal bleeding."

"Can you wake him?"

"What the hell happened?" he asked.

Annie quietly asked Marcus to wait outside when she walked in behind me. She seemed older, taller. She looked at Seth's face. "Who is he?"

"He's a scout for the group we're looking for. He's our chance to find it, " I said.

"Did you do that to him?" she asked.

"What? No. Travis did when he wouldn't tell us where his camp was. I saved his life." She looked up to me, something like surprise in her eyes. "That so hard to believe?" I said. She turned her eyes to the ground. "We have to get him to tell us where it is before Travis gets here. He might try to kill him, or me."

"How do we get him to talk?" Annie asked.

"He was pretty adamant

t's true now." She began to walk off. "What did you say to him?" I asked.

"Seth? I told him I didn't want to see anyone else die." She avoided my eyes as she spoke.

"You saved us. Thank you, " I said. She gave me a shallow nod and went to gather her things.

"They're right behind us, " Wilson said as he ran into the tent. Me him and Annie rushed out.


He led the way, I followed. We sped past the crowd, moving towards the back of the convoy along the long stretch of empty highway that sprawled out behind us for miles. "Slow down, " I said. "What's going on?" I asked but he only kept moving.

We ran on the blacktop until I saw the orange light pulsing on the horizon like a second sunset. From here we could only see the glow from the flames as they glowed soft over a small town we had passed only a day before. As I watched on, I could see a small figured outlined in the firelight. It was a boy, watching the flames fifty feet in front of us.

"Jonah!" Elizabeth called out as she searched for her son by the convoy. The boy quickly turned and ran, he rushed past us, sprinting back to his mother. She lifted him into her arms, her eyes caught the light.

"Holy God..." she said and stood in awe before turning and running back.

"It's them isn't it?" Wilson asked.

"It's them."

"Why would they do that? Why not sneak up behind us?"

"They want us to know they're coming."

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