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   Chapter 26 Enmity

After Grace By MatheusHMacedo Characters: 5836

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The car seemed to float along the winding highway, curving right, falling left, rolling down wide hills. We simply drifted, like a bird following an unseen current in the sky.

Seth was in the backseat, his clothes still dripping red, his eyes shimmering with unfallen tears. I didn't remember getting in the car. I didn't remember anything after killing Oliver and shooting the others. My body swayed as the car hugged the curves, tires screaming between silent trees. I looked down and saw I was still barefoot. My bag, which I had left in the bookstore was down by my feet. Travis was yelling, asking me questions, asking if I was okay.

I watched as a single puff of white cloud drifted against the baby blue sky, quietly breaking apart as it was pushed by an invisible gust of wind.

"I'm alright, " I lied. My voice came out so small and weak, I figured he hadn't heard me, but he finally stopped asking.

"We're moving out to Seth's group as soon as we get back to the group, " Travis said. His focus was absolute, his determination audible. "One of them got away, they know where we are, they'll be coming for us now."

"I can't, " Seth uttered, his voice raspy, his eyes fixed on the emerald blur of trees rushing past his window.

"Can't what?" Travis asked, eyes firm on the road.

"Take you to my group. Not now that they'll be following us."

The car moved along for a few more seconds, steady and fast. Then, Travis leaned his foot on the brake, not violent or sudden but slow and calculated. We finally stopped moving altogether. The sound of new leaves scraping against one another as a spring breeze rolled past was all there was until Travis turned back in his seat and spoke directly to Seth.

"I have a family. T

d out. I lifted it up and aimed at his heart. His eyes narrowed to me. I took Seth by the arm and pulled him away from Travis. "Get inside, " I told Seth. He opened the back seat and crawled in.

"What're you doing?" Travis asked.

I reached in through the driver's window and pulled out his backpack. I threw it on the road. "We can't be like them. We can't do things that way, " I said and stepped into the car, gun still aiming at Travis.

"Don't, " he told me, his eyes shimmering with the threat.

"We're only a few miles from here. You remember the way."

Seth coughed in the back, blood dripping in thick strings from his mouth. "This is how the world is Grace. You know that better than anyone. I don't see things changing anytime soon."

"I do, " I said and turned the ignition. I peeled out, leaving Travis on his own. I watched him turn into a shapeless figure and eventually disappear entirely.

"Thank you, " Seth said, teeth clattering. I lifted my eyes to the rear view, he was already unconscious. His words made me feel lighter, but only for a second. We drove on in silence, the car drifting with the road like a bird on a current.

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