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   Chapter 24 Three Weeks Later

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Everywhere I looked there were signs of old panic. An overturned car burnt down to its nuts and bolts on the sidewalk, baby clothes on the street, broken glass peppering the asphalt. Travis and I moved in and out of the stores at either side of the road without words, our eyes glossing over the scattered debris which lay like fragmented memories from a time when this now silent town was nothing short of bedlam.

Though I had no real interest in bringing anyone else with me when I went scouting for supplies, Wilson had insisted I take Travis, promising me he was the best shot of anyone in the group, and reminding me that all the other hunters had already paired up and gone off in different directions, also in search of supplies. If he didn't come with me, I would have no cover.

After searching the ransacked food markets in the center of town we took to the streets again. I stopped when I saw a wooden sign with the outline of a raven still hanging from its chain on the corner. "Let's check in there, " I said. I didn't wait for an answer before entering the used bookstore.

"I don't think there's much nutritional value to these, " Travis joked as he came in behind me.

"Never know, " I said, scanning the titles on half fallen shelves and scattered on the floor beneath us.

"So, listen, " he started. "I think we need to talk about your plan. I'm sorry to ambush you but whenever I try to say anything with the others around—"

"I know you arranged to have us come out here together, " I told him and bent down when one of the books on the rug caught my eye. The girl on the cover reminded me of Annie, I flipped through the beginning and saw that her name was Sara Crew.

"You knew, and you came anyway?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"I'm really sorry, " he said with a bashful smile as he pretended to read the book titles around him. "I'm just concerned. My wife's not doing so good. She keeps asking for more detail, she wants to know things that I don't even know and she nearly has a panic attack when I can't answer her. I don't think we've worked it all

id and lifted the gun. "I'm sorry guys, I'm gonna have to insist. Slowly, put your gun on the street and step back."

After a moment's hesitation, they did as they were told. Travis turned to look at me, I stood from my spot and moved to the door, as I was about to open it, I was met by the echoes of clapping hands. Travis snapped back. I ducked by the window again. The clapping man walked up to Travis with a smile. I put his head in my sights.

"Hands up, " Travis ordered. The unarmed man did not comply.

"What a lucky day, come 'ere look'n for scraps, find myself a damn feast."

"I'm not gonna ask agai—" Travis started, his word were cut short when the lanky boy behind him suddenly dropped to the ground, the boom of the sniper's shot didn't come for another second.

"How 'bout you hold your hands up, and I won't have my man shoot you right here and now?"

Seth beside his friend and put his hands over the wound. Travis lowered his gun and, as carefully as possible, gestured with his hand for me to stand down. I dropped the backpack I was carrying and slung the rifle around my back as the man took Travis' gun away from him.

I slowly stepped over the collapsed shelves and moved quietly out the back door of the shop. As I set out through the narrow alleyways in pursuit of the hidden sniper, I remembered how I had always wanted to be a hunter as a child.

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