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   Chapter 22 Fury

After Grace By MatheusHMacedo Characters: 5820

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The bonfire humed a dull roar behind us, nothing else made a sound. Hundreds of men women, and children watched wordless as Gunner and I began to circle each other. His thick muscles flexed as he tightened the grip on his knife. His shoulders rose. He was getting ready to attack. My own knife felt uneasy in my hand as the sweat from my palms glazed the handle.

Gunner lunged forward. An explosion of cheers broke from the crowd as he barreled toward me, a wild roar escaing his throat. I waited until his momentum was too great to stop and darted left-- he flew past me swinging wildly as I ducked. The blade cut into my jacket, scraping a bit of flesh as it sliced. I felt the sting of it but the pain registered only as somehting to be dealt with later.

He swung close with his fist-- I pulled my shoulders back, narrowly avoiding his oversized knuckles. I slashed every which way in an effort to keep him back. It didn't work. He came at me again and again until I finally ducked beneath his swinging arm and pushed my body against his, knocking him back a few steps. I felt the fire's heat at my back and slowly inched toward it.

He came at me again. I watched his hand arch over his head with the knife, as he brought it down I raised my arms in an X to block his blow. We collapsed to the ground together, the flames licking close to my face. The others continued to scream and shout all around us. All I could see was the long silver blade as he tried with all his might to bring it down. He had gravity and strength on his side. From here I could do nothing. Not move, not punch or kick-- I opened my mouth and bit down on his wrist. He screamed-- I rolled away, jumping up as soon as I had the chance. Gunner was still crawlin

ore than a fantasy until now. I threw the gear in reverse and did my best to turn around. I had watched Harry drive more than a few times, paying careful attention, always hoping one day I would get the chance, and now here it was.

We tore out onto the road, Annie still kept her hands on my stomach but I could feel the blood dripping through. I struggled to keep the car straight, the faster we went the less control I had, but I knew we couldn't slow down. As we found the highway and sped into the night I checked the mirror, no one was following. I drove faster still.

"Annie, " I said as the road ahead began to blur. "I'm not gonna make it. You have to drive."

"Me? I can't!" she yelled.

"I can, " Marcus said. "Pull over." But before I could, my hands fell from the wheel, and my eyes went dark. I only heard Annie screaming as the car drifted to the shoulder and rolled on its side with a thunderous crash.

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