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   Chapter 14 Canis lupus

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He kicked the handgun across the floor, sliding it to me. I picked it up and shoved it in my jacket pocket, still keeping the rifle pointed at his heart.

"I have to say, I never thought I'd be killed by a girl, " he said. "Not that I don't deserve it."

"Where's the map?" I asked. He looked at the bag by his feet. "How'd you know about that?"

"Kick it over, " I told him. He did. I picked it up and threw the strap over my shoulder.

"She got you good, " he said, looking at the gash on my cheek.

"I got her back, " I said.

"You sure as shit did, " he grinned. "Now here you are, aiming a gun at their second in command, " he narrowed his eyes to me. "Jesus girl, who are you?"

"I already told you."


"Yes, " I hissed, the rifle feeling heavy in my arms.

"Why haven't you pulled the trigger yet Grace?" he asked. "You're here to kill me aren't you?"

"I'm here for the map."

"Oh, then by all means, " he gestured behind me to the exit.

"I can't just-"

"Let me go? No, I agree. You don't know what I might do once you turn around. Conundrum, " he smiled. The rifle swayed uneasy in my hands. "Why not call your buddies?" he asked. I didn't answer.

"You're not here alone are you?" His eyes widened with surprise. "We saw them take you-- a whole convoy. What happened?"

"They were going the wrong way."

"Well, well, " he said, smiling again. "Lone wolf."

"I'm not."

"No? Where're the kids you stole from us? Annie? Cam-"

"Don't say their names." I steadied the gun again.

"You had a perfect excuse to create a new family for yourself. A home. You didn't take it."

"My group's in danger. I'm trying to help them."

"You left your group when you came to help the prisoners with that man. And now you left your new group too. They did a pretty good job on your face, whoever it was sewed you up did so with some TLC. Looks to me like wherever you go, you just end up leaving. Can't feel at home anywhere huh?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked, the hollow sound of my thumping heart drumming my ears.

"Why do you think I'm here?" he asked and looked back to the display behind him. "We're the only ones who understand these animals."

"I'm not like you, " I said.

"Well, maybe that's true, you haven't killed me yet. But you're thinking about it."

"Get on your knees, " I told him.

"That's more like it, " he said.

I moved in as he got down. "Give me the keys, " I said. He reached in his back pocket and pulled out the motorcycle key. "Put 'em on the floor." He did as he was told. I moved behind him. The barrel of my gun brushing the back of his head. I swiftly pulled the rifle up and turned it upside down like a bat. I swung the butt at his head but at the last second he ducked. I lost my balance. Halter grabbed the keys from the floor and threw them at my face. The metal scraped against my stitches. Before I knew it he had jumped up on his feet-- he came at me like a rushing wave. We collapsed back against the display.

Giant shards of glass came shrieking down around us. I still held on to the rifle, he twisted it in my hand until I couldn't hold it anymore. I h

ing for me to stop, to think. I wondered why I wasn't listening, why my thoughts said one thing and my body did another. I was only a few feet away from him now, I knew blood was all it would take to end whatever future punishment he was dreaming up for me, for the others.

The snow turned into a blurry white curtain as tears filled my eyes. It wasn't anger or simple sadness that made me cry then, but a sudden and overwhelming feeling of grief. I mourned the girl who put on shows for the children in her group.

It's in your my blood, his voice echoed in my head. I reached into my shoe where I had been keeping Tamara's knife. He bent down to pick up the rifle-- with a quick jerk I punctured the blade into his lower back, severing his spine.

He let out a shallow yelp and dropped to his knees, scrambling to reach the handgun in the snow in front of him. I fell with him as I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled him back, my face nestled beside his. "Maybe I am like the rest of you after all, " I said and pulled the knife out of his back, bringing it around to the front of us. I lay both hands on the handle and pulled it in toward his heart, toward mine.

He tried to push my hand back but his body was in shock. His breast-plate cracked under the silver blade as I tightened our embrace.

"Halter?" a voice called out from a few blocks down. The knife pierced his heart. When his last breath escaped through his silent lips, I stood. He fell back, scarlet ribbons running wet on the white snow beneath him.

I picked up the handgun and took the rifle back. I slung the leather bag with the map and water bottles around my shoulder and ran into the antique shop across the street. I struggled to control my breathing as I moved to the broken window on the corner where I sat with my rifle aiming out toward the street. I waited.

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