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   Chapter 10 Run

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"This is it, " I said. "You won't get another chance." But the prisoners remained in place, like skeletons unaware of a life outside the grave. I felt a burning anxiety at my back, Annie and Camden were being hunted and, at any second, the door behind me would open and I could be shot down where I stood. I was out of time. "I'm sorry, " I told them. "I can't wait anymore." I turned on my heel and jogged to the corpse on the floor.

I went through every pocket on her person but she had nothing except the knife. Another jab of hunger cut through me and I became temporarily immobilized. I tried to focus, shaking away the lightheadedness and thinking of the children who needed me. I knew it was only a matter of time before I would collapse. I pulled the nylon black holster off her belt and slipped it into my own. I looked at the body beneath me, even though she was dead, to me, she still looked warm. This part I wasn't looking forward to, but then again, none of this had been my choice. I unzipped her black leather jacket and pulled it off her back. I slid it on and instantly felt better. I zipped it closed and crossed to the door, gently opening it. I peeked out: right, left, back again. Empty.

The town hall still burned, the orange light filled the corridor as it pulsed through the long row of windows lining the hallway. I remained crouched and moved silently toward the stairwell. When I reached the first stair I saw something stir out of the corner of my eye. I turned back to the hall I had just come from and saw the prisoner girl who'd warned me not to kill Tamara. She stood alone, simply staring. I could see her face in the firelight. She had big brown eyes and a small, downturned mouth. I smiled and waited for her to join me. She quickly lunged to the window across the hall and leaned her head through the broken glass. "Help!" she shouted. "She's escaping!" she pulled her head back in and looked at me again, then, as if nothing had happened, returned to the library. My mouth fell open. Beneath me, I could hear the men Tamara had just kicked out rushing back inside. I was on the third floor, they were on the first. I jumped to the landing below me, and again to the one below that.

I heard the sound of their guns being cocked as if I was right beside them. I ran down the second floor hallway trying to put as much d

me on, we have to keep moving, they won't know which way we went."

"Camden?" I heard her say behind me. I turned just as they boy fell backwards on the asphalt. "Camden!" she yelled. I rushed to him and pat my hands over his body, he had no wounds but his lips were cracked dry, he was dehydrated. The distant snap of cracking tree branches inched closer and closer as the cannibals drew near. I picked the boy off the road and carried him in my arms. Annie ran beside us, her hand on his chest. I knew it was only a matter of time before I too would fall.

"Look!" she said, "What is it?" her voice fell soft. I stopped in my tracks when I saw it; two white lights bounding in the dark. They were high off the ground, too high to be a car. "It's coming fast, " she said, afraid.

Annie tried to pull me from the road. But I didn't move. I couldn't take another step. I remained standing only for the adrenalin in my veins. I had nothing more to give. The truck rose from the black like a dragon with glowing eyes and a roaring flat snout, it let out a wooshing exhale as it came to a screeching halt in front of us. The driver's side door opened and out came a man dressed in full body armor. His nose and mouth were hidden behind a mask, and the mask was behind a plastic visor attached to a thick gray helmet. In both hands he carried a long assault rifle. A line of cars followed behind the truck.

"Please, " was all I could say. Annie pushed herself against me, more afraid now than before. The eyes behind the visor contemplated.

"Get inside, " he said.

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