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   Chapter 23 No.23

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Assault in Stormguard By AaronDennis Characters: 5321

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He removed his helmet, and Garrett noticed he was one of Dolf's dwarven mates. "But this doesn't add up, " Larson groaned. "How can they think my brother is Lagos?"

"Maybe he is, " Mathew volunteered.

"What are you saying?!"

"Think about it, " Mathew shrugged. "They convinced him to join many years ago, and through his nefarious deeds—whatever they may have been—he's climbed their ranks, and if he's as a good a fighter as you, it would stand to reason that he received an artifact and became this man armored like a daemon; that souleater is likely a Lagos artifact. Now, the daemon may be wielding him from within…he may in fact be Lagos."

Larson gazed at the detective with slackened jaw. He then turned back to the cultists while Mathew played with his spectacles.

"Is that true? Did Parish or Owens give him an artifact?"

"Artifact, " the cultists asked among each other. "We don't know anything about any artifacts."

"Like the ones stolen from Xorinth, " Garrett clarified.

"We were never in Xorinth, " a cultist claimed.

The fencer huffed in aggravation and pushed his hair back. Lyalla touched his shoulder.

"I've about had it with 'em, " Seanessy said. He looked calm, but he kept rubbing his fingers together. "Ya' bunch o' cowards keep killin' people, good people, in the name o' change, in the name o' the God o' Destruction, an' fer what?"

"Wait a minute, " the female gasped. "That's not what we're doing! We're trying to overthrow the corrupt nobility and all in the name of pure knowledge, pure understanding."

"The nobility's corrupt, fer'

s lower lip, the warrior sheathed his blade, started to walk away, but spun around and ran to boot the young cultist. He hit the ground with a thud and began groaning to catch his breath. He passed out a moment later from lack of air.

"He'll be fine, " Seanessy chuckled.

Puffing, Larson scratched his head with both hands. "What's the damned plan, Mathew?"

"Obviously we must stop Parish and Owens. With them captured, we can reclaim the artifacts and hopefully learn about Largo…at least we know he is alive, and that you were right about his being taken by the White Wraiths, and besides, for all we know, he may be working for them to protect you, " the detective suggested.

"How's that, " the warrior spat.

Cleaning his spectacles, Mathew said, "Perhaps, by fighting for them, they agreed to leave you alone."

"But they been tryin' ta' kill 'im, " Seanessy howled.

"I don't claim to know all the answers, but we have a solid goal now, " Mathew frowned. "We must find Parish and Owens. Where are they?" he asked the conscious cultists.

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