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   Chapter 21 No.21

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Assault in Stormguard By AaronDennis Characters: 5022

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"Ha, ha, ha, haah" a stilted laugh echoed from behind the fighter. "You cannot fight what you cannot see, warrior. Your worthless deity won't save you."

A sudden arc of lightning sent Larson reeling. "Show yourself, coward, " Garrett called.

"What manner o' gutless swine fights like that?" Seanessy taunted.

"The intelligent one, " the unseen form hissed and misted the dwarf with bone wracking frost. As Seanessy growled in pain, the figure unleashed a swirling, pillar of flame across the floor. Quickly, it made its way towards the throne—all manner of debris such as cloth, dust, bone, and stone went swirling—but Larson managed to pull Lyalla and Fortha out of harm's reach. The magickal spell destroyed the chair, catching both the tapestries and dead men on fire. "You are mere flies to me! Behold!"

A reddish glare permeated the darkness. The braziers' flames reflected the intensity and crackled violently, so the crew steeled themselves for the worst, and the worst was what they witnessed. The dead cultists writhed, gurgled, groaned, and shambled their ways to their feet. A reanimation spell brought them all back as undead. Larson laughed in dismay, Garrett shouted, Lyalla shrieked, and Fortha tore from her grasp to find his bow, while the dwarf wasted no time and started smashing rotted flesh.

"Tight formation one. Then, spread out for greeffeen alpha, " a familiar voice shouted.

The crew tried to get a look over the retching, undead cultists; there were soldiers in

sy puffed, his hammer's head resting on the stone.

They all agreed to leave then and there. Slowly marching up the steps, Mathew was the first out and Lyalla and Larson the last. She smiled at him, and he returned a wide-eyed look of confusion and relief. They all walked through the kitchen and back to the main room where Charlotte stood in the doorway. Her arms folded and her profile towards the crew, she had one foot bent over the other, which she tapped rhythmically. As soon as everyone started exiting, she moved to the exterior. Mathew then ordered everyone take a step back.

"I'm setting this place on fire as a message to Owens, Parish, and their ilk, " he claimed. "The path of destruction is not welcome in my country."

Lifting both his arms above his head, he said some strange incantation, and the whole place went up in flames. Simultaneously, a heavy rain came down over the nearby houses, yet the crew remained dry.

"What the Hell kind of spell was that?" Garrett spat.

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