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   Chapter 20 No.20

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Assault in Stormguard By AaronDennis Characters: 6050

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

Since Larson was in trouble, and Seanessy was busy swatting at dagger swipes, Garrett and Lyalla tried to assist with spells, yet the cultists grabbed them by the arms, the wrists, and in an effort to disarm the magick users, they wrestled, and tugged, and danced all across the stone floor; errant fireballs or bolts of electricity occasionally went flying around, bouncing off the walls or ceiling, sending puffs of dust or tiny stones into the mix. Fortha ducked beneath the friendly fire, recovered his weapon, and managed to release an arrow at the orc. The blow impacted across the side of his face, which stunned him, but a blow from the crowd knocked the elf off his feet—the air escaped his lungs—and he slid into a darkened corner.

Groans, gasps, and shouts echoed through the extensive, subterranean hallway. The warriors fought with all their might, but the cultists were many, their weapons were dangerous, and their magick was powerful. Larson slashed with sword and bashed with shield while calling out the name of Akalabash, but a dagger pierced his upper back by his shoulder blade. When he went down, he spun and tried to cut down his enemy, but the weapon lodged in his tissue prevented the strike from culmination, and the barbaric orc brought an immense fist down into his head.

Scrambling, gritting his teeth, and trying to reach his rapier, Garrett gave his enemy a head butt, threw a fist, latched fingers around the handle of his blade, but then someone from behind wrested him to the ground. With heavy mass squirming atop him, he saw only a flurry of feet—some wearing boots and others sandals, yet he was alert enough to notice the figure was no longer on the throne.

"Help me, " he cried out.

As much as his friends wanted to aid him, they all had their own troubles. There

er onto her head. Dazed, she looked around in confusion, and deciding her friend was more important than her own wellbeing, she scrambled off towards the high seat.

"He's invisible, " Seanessy huffed.

"Whoever's in charge here is extremely powerful, " Garrett heaved. "That's why this has been so difficult; we've been fighting an invisible enemy."

The fencer sank his sword into an already wounded cultist. The woman let go her sword and fell to the ground. The dwarf spit, popped his neck, and ran over to a robed figure that was coming to their feet.

"Hooah!" he shouted and brought steel down onto their spine.

Hunched over with his shield up, Larson looked around; he didn't see anymore threats. The many cultists were strewn about the room, all of them bloodied, shredded, and hacked to pieces—some of them yet moaning and fingering for blades. It was then that Lyalla reached Fortha. She forced the potion down his throat, yet Larson noticed some kind of flicker near one of the bony pillars. He charged over and swung, but the blade struck only stone and reverberated quite painfully in his grasp, and to make matters worse, the dagger lodged in his back cut through his flesh again.

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