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   Chapter 19 No.19

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Assault in Stormguard By AaronDennis Characters: 5505

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

Gaping at his compatriots who stood over him, he said, "He's dead."

"Charlotte?" Fortha yelled.

There was no answer, so they scrambled to check the other rooms and found three, more cultists dead; all of them, their throats slashed. They had been killed while sitting, or reading, sleeping, or eating, denoted by the food and drinks spilled, the books sitting on the floor, and the sheets clutched in the corpses' hands.

"What the Hell is going here, " Larson asked. "Charlotte, you in here?"

Still, there was no answer, but neither was her corpse present, and they presumed she was not the one behind the killings. "She's said it before, that she's no killer, " Seanessy commented.

"But she's killed cultists with us, " Garrett said, his brow furrowed.

"I've seen how her hands shook afterwards, too, " Larson added. "This isn't her work. Now, Lyalla, Fortha, check the rooms' windows to see if anyone might have escaped."

They nodded and broke to inspect the house, but found no signs of more cultists, nor signs that others had escaped. Meeting back on the first floor, they sheathed their weapons, rolled their arms and heads, and shook the cobwebs from their brains.

"Must be missin' somethin', " Seanessy said. "Me butthole's puckerin' fer' a reason."

Larson and Garrett traded a comical look and agreed. "Should inspect the house for a basement, or hidden rooms, or something, " Garrett advised.

"Let's stick together this time, " Fortha added.

"Aye, " the dwarf agreed.

Moving slowly through the rooms, they haphazardly began moving furniture and pulling down white tapestries. Behind one in the kitchen, Gar

arson growled, scurrying to his feet.

No sooner had he stood, that two fireballs impacted across his chest and shoulder. He was sent into the wall and back to the ground, blinded by the incandescence of the explosion. Fortha booted a cultist, doubling him over, which allowed the elf to use him as a vault. He hopped over the enemy, but before landing at the stairs, another cultist shoulder checked him, and the elf bounced off the corner like a rag doll, his bow flying from his hands.

With spells and bodies flying about like a puppet show, Seanessy rolled underneath the bloodshed and smashed out a few knees. His attack created an opening for Larson to clash steel with the largest cultist in the room, an orc with menacing, slobbery fangs. The brute towered over the warrior, and Larson slashed, but the orc batted the blade aside with his arm; the distinct sound of metal brought the warrior the realization that the orc was armored beneath his robes, but before he regained his balance to slash again, the orc took him by the head and drove him face first into his knee—also armored.

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