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   Chapter 18 No.18

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Assault in Stormguard By AaronDennis Characters: 5798

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

"Let's go, " he said.

Larson nodded. They nabbed their gear, marched out of the temple, and took the darkened streets of Stormguard to the northeast where several homes of both stone and wood lined the walkways. Scores of people, horses, and people on horses were out and about, but no one so much as gave the adventurers a second glance.

It was dark even under the fluttering lights of torches on posts, and since no one knew who the band of adventurers were, they were confident enough to trudge onwards, yet when they noticed a small patrol speaking to citizens a dozen yards away, they ducked behind one house and took to different streets. Eventually, under cover of a cloudy night, they reached the two story, wooden building bearing the emblem of White Wraith on its door. Beside the door, on both sides of the wall, were long, white tapestries also bearing the emblem.

"Boy, they're not shy here, " Lyalla scorned.

Larson came to a halt—the others looked at him as he drew breath—mumbled a prayer of strength, safety, and victory to Akalabash, and drew his sword and shield. He turned slowly to glance at Garrett, who worked quickly to cast protection spells, thus gracing their armor with glowing, purple filigree.

"Stand back, " Larson warned, and as soon as they heeded him, he dashed for the door.

The rest followed; Larson leapt the last, two yards and crashed shoulder first through the wooden door. Fortha immediately fired a magick arrow over him, nailing a cultist in the chest before anyone inside even knew what the Hell was going on. Though the enemies scattered, whooped, and hollered, Seanessy and Garrett darted past Larson, who was coming to his feet, and demolished two, more men in white robes;

oked about. There were several chairs—some knocked over—the padded, suede couch, which blended well with the bare, wooden walls, and apart from the silver chandelier overhead, there was nothing lavish about the house's first floor, nor were there other rooms. Garrett slowly approached the stairs. He stepped carefully around a bloody corpse and stuck the tip of his sword to the ground, sort of resting on it, so they all turned their gaze to the floor above them, an immense room overlooking the first floor. A wooden banister lined the second floor; they were unable to see anything, and holding their breaths, they heard nothing.

"They may have climbed out of windows?" Lyalla finally suggested.

Without wasting another second, Larson ran up the stairs to find that the second floor was simply several rooms with beds, and the cramped walkway protected by the banister, but as the others caught up, he took notice of an arm in a white sleeve protruding from a doorway. He ran over to it and found a cultist face down and still. After a boot to the melon to make certain he was dead, he kneeled to roll him over and found his throat had been slit.

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