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   Chapter 15 No.15

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Assault in Stormguard By AaronDennis Characters: 4389

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

"What the Hell happened?" Garrett howled.

Larson gave two, quick boots to the crying cultist and shouted, "Ask him!"

"We don't have time, " Charlotte squealed. "The guards are coming."

"What do we do, " Fortha grunted.

"We gots' ta' get outta' here!" Seanessy yelled.

"We can't, it's a crime scene, " Garrett snapped.

"You go, " Yoris ordered. "Go back to the temple. Wilma and I will stay here to explain."

Onlookers had gathered around the flaming house. Garrett tried asking them to leave, but they were stunned. As cinders fell from the ceiling, everyone righted themselves, or dusted themselves off. Lyalla had those who lived in fine shape, so Charlotte ran to the window, punched a young man who was simply staring with gaped maw in the face, and ordered everyone out. They scrambled out of the window, and running for their safety, they bolted through back alleys under the light of a mid-morning sun. Larson took the lead and made for the temple.


The young fighter was in a rage, kicking debris and ripping splintered chunks out of the pews with his bare hands. Practically frothing at the mouth, Larson stormed from one end of the monastery to the other, ripping tapestries from the walls, flinging candles, and screaming at the top of his lungs, all the while complaining th

ch just being here."

"Was it Mathew that was banished, " Fortha asked. "I thought it was Roan."

"Huh?" the dwarf coughed. "Oh, right…so maybes' the detective can help."

"Assuming he's fine, " Charlotte whispered.

"He's resourceful, " Larson asserted, "we need to worry about ourselves; I think we should knock out the White Wraith headquarters while we can; eliminate their presence and maybe all this will go away."

"That won't be enough even if we find it, " Garrett interceded.

"Charlotte knows where it is, " Fortha remarked.

They glanced at her, but Garrett said, "Even so, it's Parish and Owens we need to remove, especially Parish; he's here, you know. We just came from his sermon at the Church of Thaud."

"Good, maybe we won't have to go to Glennmoor…but then it's not like we can just kill someone like him out in the open, " Larson huffed.

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