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   Chapter 14 No.14

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Assault in Stormguard By AaronDennis Characters: 5879

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The old man rubbed his hands together. He tried to straighten the wrinkles in his bloody robe. As he looked at the table, he nearly choked on his saliva; he was pale.

"I saw a daemon, " he spoke very slowly. "His skin was red and black and scaled, his head horned…he led the attack and cleaved my friends with a gleaming sword…a souleater."

"What?" Tannish and Fortha gasped.

"What is a souleater?" Yoris asked.

As though frightened by the question, Terrence nearly jumped and looked at the half-orc. "It is a weapon not from this world. Each, deadly blow absorbs the soul of the vanquished. Those poor priests who fell to his blade will never fight with our Lord again."

"I wonder, " Larson sighed. "Could that have been Lagos? A daemon with a souleater, and here in Stormguard, no less; it must be him."

Lips were chewed, braids and beards were tugged, and the men avoided eye contact. "We could strike back, " Charlotte whispered.

"What do you mean, " Larson demanded.

"I know where the White Wraiths are hiding."

"Hiding?" Tannish was surprised. "I haven't seen them hiding!"

"No, " Terrence said. "They have been preaching openly, but they are dangerous."

"Well, they have a base of operations, " Charlotte replied. "I know where it is."

No sooner had they turned to her that a thunderous blow resounded from the roof. Squinting, they looked up, but another similar sound occurred, and followed by another, as dust and chunks of flaming wood fell from the ceiling, they came to their feet. Violently, the door blew open with a gout of flames, and the shutters blew open in a similar fashion. Men in white robes clambered in through the window, and more came dashing in from the doorway.

"Son of a bitch!" Yoris growled a

rt spun around to look or listen. Charlotte jumped from a chair through the window, saw Lyalla and Garrett struggling with their own cultists, ran by one, slashed his hamstrings, and rounded the flaming house to find a third. She threw a knife at her, but she turned to flee, so the thief gave chase, and catching the cultist in the middle of the street surrounded by gawkers, she leapt onto her target's back, reached around, and slit her throat, sending them both tumbling to the ground.

"Get the guard!" Charlotte hollered.

She ran back to Lennon's home, which was quickly drawing unwanted attention, to find her crew had two cultists in somnolence, and one crying and bleeding out. Terrence and Tannish were dead, the dwarves were freshly awakened and angry, Fortha was badly wounded—both of his arms and his face were splattered with blood and he was gripping his flank while curled into the corner—and Yoris and Larson were both bleeding from their legs or arms. Rubbing his swollen cheek and shaking the cobwebs from his brain, Larson demanded answers from the crying cultist. Lyalla came in then, and gasping in horror, she quickly began healing her friends.

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