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   Chapter 11 No.11

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Assault in Stormguard By AaronDennis Characters: 5317

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"Well, there is a place called the Bloody Brawl Room where people can go and fight, but if you want to do something a little more productive with your spare time, there is mercenary work to be had, for sure."

"Is that so, " Fortha asked. "Tells us more."

The barkeep looked the two up and down. Surmising they were fit for a fight, he explained that recently the roads had become dangerous, especially the roads to Owensbrook, Ulfberth, Glennmoor, and a place called Tyre. "See, Tyre is near Wind Break, and like I said, I bought the Axe and Hammer from there, but my friend in the trade business said he had a near mishap with skeletons. I told him he was daft and that he needed to keep his lips off the bottles he was supposed to be transporting, but he claimed he knew what he saw, and that he had to travel off the road to avoid the skeletons."

"To whom we speak regarding paid work?" Fortha interrupted.

"You two serious?" Leel sneered. "I me, I mean, sketelons just wandering around? That's, that's, that's."

They looked to her, expecting her to finish her thoughts, but she just drank more and seemed to forget about her opinion. Seanessy rolled his eyes, and then whispered to Fortha.

"If'n I weren't married, I'd take 'er home an' show 'er a thing or two. That's me kind o' woman there."

"How did you land a human wife?"

"The hammer on me back ain't the only one I'm packin', " he howled and laughed.

Chuckling, the barkeep said he'd pass word along to his friend in the event he needed to hire extra men for safe travels. "Well, that's something, " Fortha c


"Weren't bandits, " another dwarf hollered. "They was townsfolk or somethin'; fought with flimsy spears, they did, and yas' could tell they didna' know what they was doin'."

"What do you mean, " Fortha asked.

"Uh, " the other dwarf rubbed the back of his head. "Well, wes' get hired from time ta' time as part o' the caravan guard, see? An along the road from 'ere ta' Glennmoor, there was people tryin' ta' stop trade. I says' they was bandits."

"I says' they weren't, " the other dwarf yelled. "Bandits usually got armor, axes, theys' fight dirty, and they gots' traps an' whatnot; these fellas' were peasants!"

Fortha and Seanessy traded a look. They had completely forgotten their guests by then and were so engrossed in the new information they pelted the dwarven drinkers with questions. It sounded like something worth investigating, but the dwarves were too drunk to provide anything concrete. In the end, Seanessy asked what was required to join as escorts.

"A fire in yer' belly and a weapon in yer' hand!" a dwarf replied.

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