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   Chapter 10 No.10

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Assault in Stormguard By AaronDennis Characters: 4946

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

Rolling his eyes and shaking his head, Seanessy grumbled to himself, but Fortha stopped and touched his shoulder. The elf was looking at a long, stone building bearing a sign. It was a place called Fox and Fawn.

"Ten to one that's an elven bar, " Fortha smiled.

"Would be with such a faery name!"

"Must you be so childish?"

"Look, if there's drink ta' be had, I ain't complainin'!"

They tromped up to the entrance, pushed the door open, and stepped inside the modest business. It was more of a restaurant than a bar, though there was a counter packed with all manners of races; elves of all kinds, dwarves, humans, half-orcs. A young, elven maiden greeted them and offered a seat.

"We'll take a booth, " Fortha smiled.

"The bar, ya' louse, we're here lookin' fer' information!" Seanessy argued.

Looking to the ceiling, trying to maintain his composure, Fortha acquiesced, and the maiden giggled before leading them to two empty seats. The barkeep, a middle aged elf bearing a striking resemblance to the greeting lass, jogged over.

"Glass of port, " he asked. Fortha nodded, but Seanessy demanded ale. "Of course, my stout compatriot. We recently purchased a crate of Axe and Hammer from some traders near Wind Break."

Fortha and Seanessy traded a look of surprise and busted out laughing. "We'll both take an Axe and Hammer, " the elf said.

"Aye, " Seanessy agreed. "Ya' knows' that's me own brew!"

"That a fact, " the barkeep asked.

""Tis, " t

acity, so unless you want to join the guard, there isn't much to do, " he said.

"Doesn't sound like everything is fine, " Fortha rebutted. "If there's no jobs then there can't be new people moving into the city."

Rubbing his ears, the elf admitted that was true, but that business was as good as ever, and that people must have been moving into the city since so many new faces in white robes kept appearing.

"Who are those guys, anyway, " Mirra asked.

"They're White Wraiths, " Fortha shrugged.

"Weren't they wiped out a long time ago?" the barkeep interjected.

"S'posed ta' be, " Seanessy remarked, "but we been havin' the constant run ins' with 'em."

"Why? Didn't you say you're a brewer, " Mirra inquired.

"Oh aye, but I gots' the habit o' keepin' me nose dirty, I mean, what's a dwarf without a fight or two, eh?" he chuckled.

"Well, " the barkeep interrupted. "If you're looking for a fight or two, there might be something…."

"Out with it, laddie!"

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