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   Chapter 9 No.9

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Assault in Stormguard By AaronDennis Characters: 4972

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Parish stepped away from the lectern and gazed out into the crowd. He tugged at the waist of his robe and frowned before walking a few more paces. Then, taking a breath, he returned to the lectern, opened a book, shuffled through pages, and spent a moment reading.

"Let us consider revelation thirteen; speaking to Dioclesia, Elohathuay, Shialla, Devloa, Akalabash, and Mael, Thaud said, You are my wards, give the people who worship you the knowledge they require to live their lives, for they need the arts, they need the land, they need fruition, they need hardship, they need strife, and they need valor to grow and change, and learn, and strive, and ultimately break beyond the boundaries of flesh to become something more…." Gripping the lectern, the old man stared again at the people before him; his gaze was imploring. "You see, Thaud's knowledge is available even to the Gods, and they give that knowledge, specialized knowledge, to their worshippers, but raw knowledge, instinct, intuition, silent knowledge is there for everyone, and for those who are not painters and sculptors and musicians, for those who are not elven farmers, and for those who are not in this world simply to rear children, and those who are not architects and craftsmen, for those who are not soldiers or mercenaries, and for those who are not knights there is still raw knowledge, a timeless truth to be wielded and applied. I tell you, " he sighed.

"I tell you, set change in motion. Today, tomorrow

ns preaches at the Church of Thaud in Owensbrook, I think, my love, " David said.

"Ah, " Garrett said, wondering what ties Owensbrook had to Stormguard and Glennmoor if Parish was in fact moving from city to city.

"Will you be staying for tome study, " Erin asked them.

"Actually, we really must be going, " Lyalla declined.

"Not easy to find work as a bookkeeper in a new town, so…got to pound the streets, " Garrett said with little swing of the fist. "Thanks for inviting us…we learned a lot."


Dark clouds swam overhead, intermittently revealing the brightness of a full moon. Fortha and Seanessy paraded down the empty streets of Stormguard's poor district. It wasn't long before idle chatter regarding wine, women, and fighting, turned into jokes about the dwarf's conduct during the ride on the phase train.

"You were as scared as I were, " Seanessy claimed.

"Worried, for certain, but scared? I am a mountain elf, and we are brave in the face of danger."

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