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   Chapter 8 No.8

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Assault in Stormguard By AaronDennis Characters: 5647

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"Evening, " Garrett said. "I hope we weren't speaking too loudly."

"Not at all, " the man smiled. "I was laughing because you ordered the exact, same thing we did."

"Ah, well, one can never be too refined, eh?" Garrett joked.

"Agreed, and so you know, the hen is delicious."

Turning back to Lyalla, he said, "Did you hear that, my dear."

"Yes, the hen is delicious, " she smiled.

"Say, " Garrett said as soon he turned back around.

"Yes, " the young elf asked.

"My name is Garrett. I'm dining with my lady, Lyalla. We are new in town and don't know anyone at all. Would you be so kind as to dine with us?"

"Well, let's see, " the man replied. "Erin, would you care to join our new friends, Garrett and Lyalla?"

"I certainly would, darling, " she replied, cheerfully.

The couple left their seats, took their plates, and shared the table. The elf introduced himself to Lyalla, saying his name was David, and that he was less than half-elf. Lyalla nodded knowingly.

Hers and Garrett's food arrived shortly thereafter. While sharing tales of travel—the adventurers neglected to mention any nasty fights—it was revealed that Stormguard was going through some very odd changes, but Erin claimed that knowledge was of supreme importance, and that whether or not the impending changes actually took place, she was certain the city was in for a prosperous time.

"Am I to assume you attend the Church of Thaud, " Garrett pried.

"Among others, " the young man replied.

"Religion is very important to us, " Erin answered.

"We are looking to attend a good church, " Lyalla mentioned.

"You are in luck, " David said. "There is a new minister at the Church o

etamorphoses with time, which sounds contradictory, yet it is not…."

As the minister trailed off, Garrett wondered about the ramifications of charging up there and knifing the old man in the belly. If I made it out of here in one piece, I'd be imprisoned and probably executed, yet it might end the troubles plaguing us…he's probably prepared for that, though, and not to mention that still leaves Lionel Owens and Lagos to deal with.

"Knowledge, in its immutable form is there for everyone and everything, " Parish continued. "Yet it is people who change, and times that change, and when that change occurs, different knowledge becomes available, present, manifest; knowledge that was once unusable, irrelevant, suddenly becomes precious, mandatory, when people and times change, so too does that incontrovertible flux, knowledge, it transposes, and so I ask of you today, which form of knowledge is required for our progression as sentient beings? Do we continue on this mundane path? Have we exhausted the knowledge of our time? What else can be learned, and in learning new ideas and concepts, are we not changing?"

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