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   Chapter 7 No.7

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Assault in Stormguard By AaronDennis Characters: 5598

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"She's probably right, " Larson interjected. "The other corpses are days old at least."

"Why did the cultists blow open the door with magick then?" Tannish sighed. "Did you not see they were frightened? Their robes were bloody, and I think they were wounded; they had not even the sense to react."

"What do you think they were doing, " Wilma asked.

Tannish frowned, and shaking his head, replied, "I think they were just fighting."

"The cultists were armed. They would have just killed him unless they wanted information, " Larson remained adamant. "They probably heard us arguing about rats and tried to surprise us."

"Whatever…we'll know soon enough, " the elf heaved.

"Yoris is fast, " Larson asked.

"Fastest person I ever met, " Wilma smiled. "He'll be back with a healer before long. We spotted an apothecary on the way here."

"I did, too. If Yoris can get him up this early in the morning, we may have some answers before the end of the day, " Larson said.

"Answers for who?" Wilma pried.

Rubbing his hair and wincing, Larson decided to divulge the salient details of his fight against the cultists of White of Wraith.


The hour was late, but the clergy of Tarielle were keeping busy with their ongoing magickal research. Lyalla and Garrett smiled and greeted the followers of the Goddess of Magick. An aging sora in blue robes led them from the foyer to the main study, past many humans and elves too buried in their books to notice the world around them, and to a smaller, reading room.

Excusing herself, she left the adventurers sitting before Magister Saren. The old elf adjusted his gray robes after crossing his legs. With h

ery tired and wanted to get some sleep, but Lyalla wanted a late night beverage, and so they moseyed past many, squat, stone buildings. Finally, after a few turns down different streets, they came unto a very large inn called The King's Pride.

Light shone through closed shutters, so the lovers walked inside the establishment to find a rather fancy setting; burgundy and purple drapes hung from rafters, candles burned from ornate holders built into the supporting posts, the modest bar was occupied by but a single person, and many, cushioned booths were empty. An old man wearing black finery greeted them, and then offered a table, which they accepted. A free glass of plum wine came with their meal, and as they chatted about their current predicament—awaiting their order of game hen—a lovely couple from the next booth chuckled.

Garrett and Lyalla pursed their lips and squinted at one another. Then, Garrett turned around and at the same time, a young, half-elf man also turned. They nodded to each other, and Garrett caught sight of the man's date, a smoky brunette. She, too, gave a flickering smile.

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