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   Chapter 4 No.4

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Assault in Stormguard By AaronDennis Characters: 5406

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

Coming to terms with the possibility of serious carnage, Stewart excused himself to check with Marla, saying, "If the boss says it's okay, I'll give you some information to take back to your boyfriend."

"He's not my boyfriend, you jerk!"

The barkeep ran off through a door next to the booze shelf, so Charlotte turned to watch two fighters, a dwarf and a human. The dwarf beat the human in his testicles like he was warming up on a speed bag, and down the human went. The dwarf then cheered, hopped on top of the man, and claimed him dwarven property. The crowd laughed and clapped in reply.

"Hey!" Stewart shouted.

"What?" Charlotte spat, turning back towards the bar.

He inconspicuously slid to her a tiny scrap of parchment. She took it, held it right up to her eyes, and blinking erratically, she tried to read it. It was an address.

"What's this?"

"Where you and your crew need to go if you want information, but Marla says to be extra careful. You should sober up first."

"Don't you tell me what to do, " she yelled and pointed. "I'll tell my boyfriend!"

She then laughed herself to the floor. Stewart leaned over the counter to observe her antics. Shaking his head in dismay, he left her to tend to other customers.


Larson stopped before the Temple of Akalabash, a stone structure with pylons supporting a portico. There was a partially burned torch on the ground, and the wooden door was off its hinges, resting against the opening. Squinting in the darkness, he gazed at his surroundings.

The wide, cobbled street was nearly desolate; a few citizens walked about, but he h

ry, Larson explained they were worshipping Lagos, a daemon attempting to become the new God of Destruction.

"Who told you about the White Wraiths, " he then asked.

"We have our sources, " Yoris replied. "We have come from Ulfberth–"

"Ulfberth!" Larson interrupted. "That town was attacked long ago by White Wraiths."

"And the Storm Militia, " Tannish interjected. "That is why we are here, but how do you know of our home?"

"I also have my sources, " he sighed. "Enough dallying, let's get in there and see what's going on."

"Agreed, " Wilma said.

Without torches or magick, the group meandered into the darkened temple. Just enough moonlight bled in to reveal the shapes of pews. Grumbling, Tannish stepped out to grab the smoldering torch. He lit it with flint from his pack, but there was little oil left on the wood, so the erratic flame wavered fiercely, and the radiance unleashed was rather dim, yet enough to show the pews were damaged; some were hacked to pieces, others were simply missing chunks of wood; debris was scattered all over the floor.

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