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   Chapter 3 No.3

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Assault in Stormguard By AaronDennis Characters: 5148

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"Hey, Charl, " he said in a gravely voice. "Where's your boyfriend."

No sooner had Charlotte relaxed that she hollered, "Mathew's not my boyfriend! He just looks after me."

"You're so easy to piss off, " he chuckled.

"Stupid people rub me the wrong way, " she asserted. The orcish patron next to her chuckled, and she shot him a deathly leer. The muscled drinker returned to his empty glass. "I need to speak to Marla."

"She's busy, " the barkeep answered while wiping a mug.

"It's important."

"Oh, then, she's busy."

"Damn it, Stewart, it's about the White Wraiths."

"Right, right…she's busy."

Charlotte gave a groan of exasperation and pounded the counter. By then, a half-orc lass on the fight floor claimed she was taking on all comers. The crowd cheered again. Whether warriors were testing their mettle, citizens were settling scores, or drunkards were trying out their liquid courage, the patrons of the Bloody Brawl Room loved a bare knuckle fight.

"Stewart, " Charlotte screeched. "Let me talk to Marla!"

"Whatever you got to say to her, you can say to me. I'll decide if it's important. Anyway, you ain't even paid your dues in two months."

Grumbling, the thief counted twenty, gold coins from her pouch and plunked them down on the counter. Stewart scooped them up, pulled a little, black ledger from his apron, scribbled down notes regarding the payment, and then pulled two shot glasses from beneath the counter. He poured two shots of whiskey, knocked one back, and slid the other one to Charlotte. She sipped hers.

Laughing, Stewart said, "Chug it."

Rolling her eyes, she obliged, and coughed while catching her breath. The barkeep laughed again.

"I paid up for the whole year, " Charlotte claimed and cleared her throat. "Get Marla."

"What's this about, " he asked, in a tiresome tone.

"Just tell me the latest events regarding the White Wraiths, " she replied, raising her hand in aggravation.

"Well, " Stewart poured another round for them, chugged his, and continued. "Last month or so, just before you ran off with your boyfriend–"

"He's not my boyfriend!" She pounded the counter.

"If yer' single, I be your boy friend, " the orc joked.

While Stewart doubled over laughing, she pulled a knife from her belt and told the orc she'd gut him like a fish, so the patron cursed in his native tongue and left. "Stewart, " she groaned.

"Lately, lots of those cultist been hiring us to do some odd jobs, thefts, mostly, but they also wanted us to place the stolen items in the possession of certa

in people and homes in order to incite conflict within the nobility. Odd when you think about it, what with the fact that the White Wraiths are supposed to have been wiped out long ago, but they been prancing around Stormguard for a while now, always preaching that the nobility is the cause of suffering."

She picked up her glass, took a breath, and knocked it back. It went down much smoother than the first, but her diminutive frame coupled with her lack of regular drinking made her head spin.

"I, uh, " she said, placing the glass on the counter. "Mathew had me try to catch some of them alive. Apparently, they like to commit suicide rather than snitch on their pals."

"Why are you after them anyway?"

"That's a stupid question. Mathew hired you guys, and you sent me."

"But he always asks for you, " Stewart smiled, adding, "your boyfriend."

"He's not my boyfriend, " she laughed nearly hysterically, but caught herself and tried to get angry. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to stop grinning like an idiot. Stewart figured she'd had enough to drink, grinned right back, and poured her a third shot while he took a swig from the bottle. She pounded it, and laughed again. "He's not my boyfriend."

"Sure, sure, but I was asking, why are you after them?"


"The White Wraiths, " he laughed.

"Oh, pfft, those, robeded clowns, " she chuckled. Again, Stewart laughed uncontrollably, and she joined in. "Ohh, I don't know. They're trying to revive the God of Destruction and they, um, killed an elf in Xorrr-uh-inth."

"No kidding, " Stewart said, nonplussed. "They haven't killed anyone around here to my knowledge. They've just been inciting rebellion and, you know, trying to out the king and all."

"Nope, " she yelled. "Nuh-uh, see, it's like, um, they're uh…." She wiped her face with both hands, smacked her lips, and shook her hair back. "They're in league with the Parish, Count of Minister Thaud. I mean, they're working for Minister Parish."

"From the Church of Thaud, " Stewart corrected.

"Right, " she hissed and pointed while squinting. "Another one, " she said, tapping the counter.

"No, you're cut off, lightweight."

"One, just please, okay, one more."

Smiling and shaking his head, he poured her one final shot, which she downed with ease before swooning in her chair. Stewart pulled his pipe from his apron, lit it, leaned on the counter, and puffed away while Charlotte tried to explain their recent endeavors; her slurred speech and derailed train of thought made for an interesting conversation.

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