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   Chapter 2 No.2

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Mathew's eyes widened for a brief second, but slowly he replied, "Phase magick is very complex. I can't teleport multiple people from one area to another, but even if I could, the ring would have interfered, and there's no telling where we might have landed. That gives me an idea."

"Yes?" they all spoke.

Mathew put his glasses back on his face, pushed his hair back, took a breath, and smirked. "Considering how phase magick works, Parish is probably using a circle of teleportation, that is, ancient and potent symbols bound to one another, but to be of any use, there must be another circle or circles in order for him to move from one destination to another, which means there are probably circles here and in Glennmoor…."

"Okay, " Garrett nodded, slowly.

"There may even be a circle going to the plane of destruction, which would make transporting the artifacts possible."

"You just said it was impossible, " Larson reminded him.

Mathew shrugged, indicating he, too, was in the dark. "This is just sounding worse and worse, " Lyalla remarked.

Fortha nodded. Larson shook his head and threw his hands up in resignation. Garrett fluffed knots out of his hair, and Seanessy poured himself another round. He offered Mathew a mug, but the detective waved it off.

"So, what was your idea, " Garrett finally asked.

"It doesn't matter."

"What?" Larson squawked.

Mathew shook his head vigorously and raised his hand, implying it inconsequential. "We have more pressing matters anyway. Remember, I told you I wanted to check on my d—I mean King Roan's condition? Well, I managed to speak to his daughter, who has been evading my probes from Xorinth, and from the two minutes she graced me with her company, all she said was that there are no problems, and that she's been consorting with Lionel Owens from Owensbrook to right any wrongs the country might be experiencing."

"Why didn't you tell us that before?" Garrett shouted.

"I only have the one mouth, " Mathew sneered. "I was getting to it, but listen; we know Owens is in league with Parish, that together, they planned the attack on the libratoreum, which leads me to wonder what kind of trouble awaits us in Owensbrook, not to mention the mess here in the capitol and all thanks to Princess Roan and her relations with Lionel…a fine mess, indeed."

"I thought we was goin' ta' Glennmoor, " the dwarf said between chugs of beer.

"You are. I am not."

"When do we leave, " Fortha asked.

"After Charlotte returns, " Mathew replied.

"Where is she, anyway, " Larson pried.

"Wherever t

here are thieves, " Mathew said, cryptically. "She knows to come here when she's done, and none of us should make a move out of the city until we have a better idea regarding how to proceed; I assume the White Wraiths have an eye on the city and any newcomers. That said, we need to get a jump on this ordeal now, so, here's the plan; Larson, check the Temple of Akalabash. Garrett, Lyalla, the Temple of Tarielle; speak to Magister Saren, he is a friend of mine, well…not a friend of Mathew's…. Anyway, Fortha, Seanessy, visit the pubs, find out what people are saying about the cultists and try to glean news from Glennmoor and Owensbrook. In the meantime…I am going to research the idea you gave me, " he said, his eyes resting on the dwarf.

"No time for rest, eh?" Seanessy chuckled and climbed down from his chair. "Alright, elf, we're off ta' drunk!"

Fortha smiled, saying, "I think he means drink, but I'll keep an eye on him…we'll get it done. Everyone, stay safe."

As the elf and dwarf made for the door, Larson came to his feet. He nodded to the two leaving before scrutinizing the others.

"Be careful, " he said and started out for the temple.

"You, too, " Lyalla and Garrett said.

They then looked to one another. Garrett stood and held a hand out for Lyalla. She took it and stood while Mathew also came to his feet, but not before nabbing his glasses from the table.

"We'll meet back here soon, " the detective said, confidently. "Lennon, stay well, old friend."

Unfortunately, Lennon was snoring on his cot. They smiled, and after trading a final glance, they parted ways to tackle their respective duties.


Charlotte wandered down All Fighter Alley, a street where the famous Bloody Brawl Room gave the lowest of lives a place to fight fair. Outside the establishment, a jaunty, upbeat, piano tune bled through the cracked door and open shutters. Men and women stood, tending to minor cuts and abrasions. Some of them smoked pipes, others dabbed their skin with damp rags. Charlotte ignored the whistles and catcalls of aroused drunkards and made her way past the hulking, half-orc bodyguard to step inside the establishment.

Whooping and hollering gawkers drank under candlelight while two men circled each other on a blood splattered wooden floor. They threw a few kicks and punches while the crowd cheered on, but the thief pushed through the crowd to have a seat at the jam-packed bar. The barkeep was a tall and haggard man in dark clothing. His black topknot was pulled back over the loose strands, which rested on his nape.

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