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   Chapter 18 No.18

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On the Honor of Thieves By AaronDennis Characters: 5343

Updated: 2018-01-04 12:02

"He's hopeless, " Larson commented to Charlotte.

"Amateurs, " she whispered and stormed off, leaving Larson to wave his hands at the air in mock desperation.

He had been trying to lighten the mood, unsuccessfully. The truth was that he was perhaps as distraught as Garrett. Naturally, he wanted a cultist alive as much as anyone in the hopes of learning once and for all if the White Wraiths indeed had anything at all to do with his brother's disappearance, yet the invigorating scenery of Xorinth was conducive to amenable behavior. Gazing at the scant, few, puffy clouds in the sky, the warrior found solace in Akalabash. I know my father is alive…I know that Akalabash is guiding me…what a strange turn of events.

Having reached the magickal orchard, the crew of warriors journeyed beyond the sweet smell of apples. The high sun overhead cast beautiful shadows, moving shadows of swaying foliage, across the verdant grass. Opting to take the stairs on the side of the two story home, they clomped up wooden steps, into the storage room with the sewing equipment, through the hallway, and ultimately into the loft.

"Shouldn't we notify Sara, " Fortha asked as the others tried to make themselves comfortable.

"On it, " Charlotte grumbled, working herself in a laborious manner from the railing and back down the stairs.

"Wanna talk, " Seanessy asked Garrett.

"Nothing to talk about, " he said with a subtle shrug. "We went looking for information and found death instead."

"We don't know that for certain, " Larson replied in a consoling tone. He walked over to his friend and

hough Akalabash has claimed you after all, " Fortha commented.

"He may yet have, " the warrior agreed dismissively and looked to Garrett.

The fencer's eyes were fierce. He remained stoic but nodded.

"Well, try to relax, " Sara offered. "I'm sure Mathew will be here soon, and I have my orchard to care for."

With that, she stood, wished them all luck, and reminded them they could stay for as long as they needed. As an after thought, she mentioned there was a washing basin outside. Then, she left.

Battle weary and worn to the bone over recent matters, Seanessy, Fortha, and Larson fell to sleep. Lyalla and Garrett wandered outside to converse beneath flowering apple trees, and Charlotte clambered onto the window sill to gaze out into the sky.

The chilly air blew quietly into the loft. Buzzing from a variety of insects ensconced within the branches of nearby, apple trees exploded intermittently only to be silenced by the occasional cries of birds. It was a peaceful day, if conflicting with the ugly scenario that had unfolded before her.

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