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   Chapter 17 No.17

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - On the Honor of Thieves By AaronDennis Characters: 5302

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The elf eyed him briefly before returning his attention to the parchments. Neither he nor Larson were able to make much sense out of the papers as they were lists mostly or groups of strange words and symbols, but they packed them up in their travel satchels and other leather bags that they emptied of contents such as food, clothes, torches and simple, traveling paraphernalia.

"Maybe Mathew can make sense of these, " the elf volunteered while rolling up documents.

Larson assented with a nod. It was then that Seanessy picked up a tapestry and fluffed it a few times to try and see what it was—just the emblem of the White Wraith cult.

"What's a White Wraith got ta' do with Lagos, anyway, " the dwarf wondered out loud.

"They don't, they didn't have anything to do with each other, " Charlotte said, squinting. "The White Wraiths were worshippers of Golguhaar."

"He was supposed to be that thing, " Fortha said, pointing back to the altar.

Garrett struck it with his sabre, but the weapon reverberated quite painfully in his hand. The sculpture wasn't so much as chinked.

"Find something useful, anything, " he barked.

"We're looking, " Larson said. "Charlotte?"

"Yeah?" she huffed and placed a hand on her hip. She had been rifling through the books, which were scattered everywhere. Some of them were in bad shape. Larson noted her hands were shaky, but she quickly busied herself again with the books. "I'm looking."

Larson inhaled and moved his lips as though ready to say something, but looking upon the blood splatters that graced her armor, he smile


Some of them glanced at Larson, who did not look pleased. Wind ruffled their hair as they made for the modest home. The dwarf kept his eyes on the buildings, still marveling at the gothic architecture. Brightly colored birds flew from roof to roof.

"These buildins', " Seanessy started. It seemed the rest of the group was disinclined to talk, but Larson eyed his short friend. "Funny lookin' roofs, eh?"

"Rooves, " Larson corrected.


"It's rooves not roofs, you monkey, " Larson spat.

Fortha smiled to himself, Lyalla was too preoccupied by Garrett's sulky behavior to pay much attention, Charlotte rolled her eyes as though she was above it all, and Seanessy slowed to halt before squaring his shoulders and gaping at Larson. "Who're you callin' a monkey, and what's this nonsense about rooves?"

"Words that end in F like roof end in V E S when plural…wolves, knives, wives, staves, need I go on?" Larson spoke in a mock, professorial tone.

"Go on to yer' mama!" the dwarf rebutted and traipsed after Garrett and Lyalla.

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